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V2164 VCA simulation demo

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Demonstrating one channel of the V2164 quad VCA using a spice model developed for EasyEDA by


Simulatable Spice Symbols for the V2164 VCA

  • Models developed by 200521 **
  • This is a purely behavioural model and its use is subject to the following limitations.
  • The quoted gain constant and temperature coefficient are accurately modelled.
  • Exponential Control Voltage Law: The adherence of the gain vs. control voltage to an exponential law may be slightly more accurate at the extremes of control range compared to the real device.
  • Frequency Response and Instability: There is insufficient information in the datasheets for any of the various versions of the 2164 type VGA - original SSM or Analog Devices versions of the SSM2164, the CoolAudio V2164 or the re-engineered SSI2164 from Sound Semiconductor - from which to accurately model the frequency response vs. gain and therefore to model the exact behaviour of the instability which the input RC compensation network is required to stabilise.
  • This model has a best guess attempt at modelling a frequency response which results in instability at gains of 0dB and which the recommended input RC compensation network does indeed stabilise.
  • THD and Noise: Not currently modelled.
  • Input bias and output offset currents: Not currently modelled.
  • Control voltage feedthrough: Not currently modelled.
  • Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR): Not currently modelled.
  • How to use the models: The V2164_amp blocks simulate and can be used separately. To model the power supply drain of a complete V2164 device including the MODE current, the V2164_bias block must be placed in the simulation. Note however that the MODE current fed into the V2164_bias block has no effect on the THD or the noise performance of the V2164_amp model.


V2164 VCA simulation demo


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 15 VNEG2,VPOS2 2P-5.0 2
2 sin(0 {0.775*sqrt(2)} 2k) AC 1 0 VIN4 2P-5.0 1
3 510R R3 R_AXIAL-0.3 1
4 560p C1 C_MLCC_RES_DIP_5.5X3MM_P5MM 1
5 30k R9,R11 R_AXIAL-0.3 2
6 220p C3 C_MLCC_RES_DIP_5.5X3MM_P5MM 1
7 47n C6,C7 C_MLCC_RES_DIP_5.5X3MM_P5MM 2
8 PULSE(3.3 -0.65 0 10m 10m 0 1) V1 HDR1X2 1
9 V2164_amp U3 V2164D 1
10 TL071EE U4 ? 1


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