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This is the second version of my TP4056 based lithium battery charger module. In v1.xx i used a linear voltage regulator (LM7805CV) which got very hot and limited the potential of the module a lot. In v2.10 i replaced LM7805 with a switching counterpart (XL2011) which resolves most of the input issues allowing for a full range of 5V (via USB) and from 8-45V via the screw terminal or DC-Jack. The output is the same, based on MT3608 which offers an adjustable output voltage from V-Bat and all the way up to 25V (output current is 200-800mA with peak capability of up to 2A. In both versions, there is a 2x8 header with a jumper allowing charging current selection from 60-1000mA (60-120-250-500-700-800-900-1000mA) and a second 1x2 header with a jumper enabling the adjustable boosted output (can be replaced by a switch). The module also offers output directly from the battery with over-discharge and short protection.

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Supplier LCSC
1 FS312F-G FS312F-G SOT-23-6 1 LCSC C82736
2 FS8205A FS8205A TSSOP-8_3X4.4X065P 1 LCSC C16052
3 DC005-2.5MM 7-15VDC DC-5020 1 LCSC C111573
4 1_2A 1_2A HDR-8X2/2.54 1 LCSC C68234
6 MT3608 MT3608 SOT-23-6 1 LCSC C84817
7 WJ300V-5.00-2P +VDC,+LOAD,+BAT,+ADJ WJ300V-5.00-2P 4 LCSC C8404
8 Header-Male-2.54_1x2 SW1 HDR-1X2/2.54 1 LCSC C36717
9 0.43Ω R2 0805 1 LCSC C24082
10 10uF C2,C1,C5,C6,C7 0805 5 LCSC C92009
11 100nF C4,C8,C3 0805 3 LCSC C38141
12 100Ω R12 0805 1 LCSC C61732
13 1KΩ R1,R11 0805 2 LCSC C17513
14 SS34 D1,D2 SMA(DO-214AC) 2 LCSC C115205
15 TP4056 TP4056 SOP-8_150MIL_EP 1 LCSC C16581
16 1.2KΩ R3 0805 1 LCSC C17379
17 1.33KΩ R4 0805 1 LCSC C17382
18 1.5KΩ R5 0805 1 LCSC C4310
19 1.69KΩ R6 0805 1 LCSC C48183
20 2.4KΩ R7,R14 0805 2 LCSC C17526
21 4.7KΩ R8 0805 1 LCSC C17673
22 10KΩ R9 0805 1 LCSC C17414
23 20KΩ R10 0805 1 LCSC C4328
24 22uH L1 5845 1 LCSC C9888
25 5ARG9HWB LED1 LED-5MM-3 1 LCSC C5375
26 XL2011 XL2011 SOIC-8_150MIL 1 LCSC C73337
27 1uF C9,C10,C11 0805 3 LCSC C29822
28 100uF C12 CAP-D8.0XF3.5 1 LCSC C45077
29 47uH L2 8040 1 LCSC C96165
30 47uF C13 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1 LCSC C2067
31 47KΩ R13 0805 1 LCSC C17713
32 50KΩ P1 RES-ADJ_3296X 1 LCSC C5064


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