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EasyEDA is an free electrical schematic software where you can design and produce your own PCBs very easily online. Apart from creating PCBs, you can also analyze your schematics very easily with the included spice tool which is completely free as well. My personal experience with the free electrical schematic software from has been very pleasing and it didn’t take much skill to learn everything I needed to know to create my first schematic and PCB. I have designed over 20 schematics now and I have to say I couldn’t find any bugs so far.

enter image description here The process of creating a PCB from schematic is very simple and fast using this software.

enter image description here

The most convenient part about the schematics tool is the fact that you can search for parts in an online library. This way you don’t have to create those complicated parts yourself. Almost every component can be found in this online library and mostly it even includes the board package.

Another thing is the fact that everything is saved online which means you can always open your projects wherever you are. No need for any back-ups of important projects in case your PC crashes, EasyEDA has it all covered!

After you finished your PCB design, you can directly order PCBs from EasyEDA. EasyEDA provides fast and cheap PCB prototyping service, which safes a lot of time and money for customers.They provide online PCB instant quote at The cheapest option is for 10pcs of 50mmx50mm boards, which comes to 9.8USD. 10pcs of 100mmx100mm boards is 17.6USD. For larger boards, 5pcs is cheaper than 10pcs.

enter image description here

EasyEDA is addicting, easy, fun and best of all completely free! The EDA tool is available all over the world and has been translated into multiple languages to make the personal experience even better.


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ankei Reply

Fantastic and supportive design I have got here. When we try to make the my documents folder desktop windows 10 PCB oard then this is very good for the understand. Thanks a lot

Juvanta Luiz Reply

I loved this article!! walking tours in Amsterdam This is something interesting as well as useful especially for those who are interested in designing PCBs(Printed Circuit Boards). Here they have introduced new software for this purpose. More about it is provided in the article.

Guest Reply

Thank you so much for the amazing recipe. Definitely a new favorite.
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