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LiPo Battery Charger (MCP73831) with Load Sharing

2 years ago 3313
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LiPo Battery Charger (MCP73831) with Load Sharing

LiPo Battery Charger (MCP73831) with Load Sharing


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 af3fe5c4302144a9bf70f0f0909b6747 C1,C2 C_0805 2 Yes
2 c41758318e3345fba9024bbff21542b7 LED1 LED_0805 1 Yes C131244
3 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R1 R_0805 1 Yes
4 54bbf4e3a458982d9058662207d1169b Q1 SOT-23 323 1 Yes
5 af3fe5c4302144a9bf70f0f0909b6747 C3 C_0805 1 Yes
6 BAT60A D1 SOD-323 1 Yes
7 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R2 R_0805 1 Yes
8 2740123cd6514f6dac68f34685d9ab57 U1 SOT-23-5 1 Yes C14879
9 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R3,R4 R_0805 2 Yes
10 7abc1616c20e44d8a7f49768d1dc6a69 LED2 LED_0805 1 Yes
11 fb8764b5bf174c29a37ea7af7b6ace07 USB1 MICRO USB SMD MALE CONNECTOR 1 Yes
12 821bbc3628484cb1922c75142ac43770 X2 4 PIN BREAKOUT HEADER 1 Yes
13 dac8bbdee2714b1fbf12ae0daa1949a4 X3 2 SMD SOLDERPADS 1 Yes
14 e573b027f34e4b1ab92f47662f7bc704 X1 JST-2-SMD 1 Yes
15 e573b027f34e4b1ab92f47662f7bc704 X4 JST-2-PTH-VERT 1 Yes


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Comments (3)

joanlluch Reply

Hi, I have a question on your circuit design. I am a bit confused about why you use a 10V schottky diode instead of a regular one. My understanding is that the purpose of the diode is to prevent current from the battery to flow back to the USB connector, but why must it be a shottky?. Wouldn't a regular low drop diode just do it?
Thanks in advance. Reply

@joanlluch: Hi, essential is a low forward voltage of the diode, so a schottky was my choice.
After assembling the circuit on the PCB, I figured out that the BAT60A was not working well – because the leakage current was too high.
When I remember correctly, on battery operation, the Gate voltage therefore was too high, so the MOSFET did not switch on securely.
I replaced it by a NSR0320, which works really fine!

Aurélien Fillau Reply

I have just tested this circuit and it is working very well. This exactly was i'm looking for since i'm using the same lipo charger ic. But, i'm facing an issue : I need to know if a USB cable is plugged or not so i'm using the 5V line on your schematics, that goes though a deviding bridge and then to my MCU. But when the USB is unplugged (no 5V input) i can see the voltage of the battery on the 5V line (the Gate). Is it normal ? Do you know a way to fix this ?



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