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MP2037 Module , Adjustable Step-Down DC/DC Converter (1.0V - 17V/1.8A)

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his DC/DC step-down voltage converter is based on MP2037, it converts input voltage between 4.5V and 23V into a smaller voltage between 1V and 17V, capable of driving a 1.8A load with excellent line and load regulation. Note: Input must be >1.5V higher than output. High current output, the inductance will be hot. Feature: Wide 4.5V to 23V Operating Input Range Up to 95% Efficiency Fixed 340KHz Frequency High-Efficiency Pulse Skipping Mode for Ceramic Capacitor Stable Internally Set Current Limit without a Current Sensing Resistor Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection Input Under Voltage Lockout

Specification: Input Voltage: 4.5V-23VDC Output Voltage: 1V-17VDC Continuous Output Current: Max. 1.8A Perk Output Current: 3A Max. Efficiency: 95% Output Ripple: <30mV Switching Frequency: 340kHz Operating Temperature: -40℃ to +85℃


MP2307 Schematic

MP2307 PCB


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 MP2307 U1 SOIC-8 1
2 100k R1 C0805 1
3 10u C1 C1210 1
4 10n C2 C1210 1
5 10u L1 INDUCTOR-1206 1
6 10k R3 C0805 1
7 22u C3 C0805 1
8 3.9n C4 C1206 1
9 6.9K R4 C0805 1
10 0.1u C5 C1206 1
11 100k R5 TRIM_POT_PTH 1
12 SIP1 P1,P2,P3 HDR1X1 3




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