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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity BOM_Supplier BOM_Manufacturer Part BOM_Supplier Part
1 ff6d760748e040609dd3fb9323f8683a U1 DIP-14 1 LCSC ATTINY84A-PU C145560
2 0b9ea6038719079fb3d37b229b240f89 X1 OSC-49S-1 1 LCSC X49SD20MPB2SC C21499
3 e99ee054b6dde646ab46be1e5408730f C3,C4 RAD-0.1 2 LCSC 22pf/50V 10% C9316
4 68adf14255074d1bbe9839f941c2b6b3 D3 DO-35G 1 LCSC 1N4148 C163750
5 c6d0e7c15a691e840d8785b58ecab721 C5,C6,C1 CAP-D4.0XF1.5 3 LCSC 10uF 25V 4*7 C43351
6 6aa18979cc37d633c4a3b0dc6248ec2c USB1 USB-M-49 1 LCSC USB-B-Female-90-TH C46393
7 743373872d1349cda5b8cf442b8dccef R2 AXIAL-0.3 1 LCSC MF1/8W-1.5KΩ±1% T52 C119183
8 30db85dbbbfa43d0bc76b23695456004 U2 TO-92(TO-92-3)-2.54 1 LCSC HT7133-1 C73730
9 249251397a1b40ccbd9acc60cbdbdcc6 R6,R7,R4,R12 AXIAL-0.3 4 LCSC - C337127
10 5b6876813a1642c5a6b13550a2e7cc7f R9,R8 AXIAL-0.3 2 LCSC MFR0W8F3300A50 C81959
11 90053639fc5449a399e7719cc3bfe7f5 Q4,Q5,Q1 TO-92(TO-92-3)-2.54 3 LCSC KRA102-AT/P C147284
12 5c395d95aef443a5ab06a09add7a7e36 Q3,Q2 TO-92(TO-92-3)-2.54 2 LCSC DTC114EL-T92-K C171504
13 fa0b9b2cd6cf497f966812887e4a0389 D1,D2 DO-35G 2 LCSC TC3V6TB C261195
14 c2f8eec5e8f64f79840f89b048dd7ee9 R10 AXIAL-0.3 1 LCSC MFR-25FTE52-680K C173038
15 693aa5b43e3a4ac5bb69934101a25d79 U3 ATTINY85 1 LCSC PFS154-S08 C317611
16 e9f71c2386074942b7cef259c39e047b R5 AXIAL-0.3 1 LCSC - C119347
17 5474e95d9039423e8557f3212f8ee558 R1,R3,R11 AXIAL-0.3 3 LCSC MFR-25FTE52-68R C173041
18 e648abfbf5991620524159bbd5858e02 L1 IND-VL0810 1 LCSC VLU0810-471K C72619
19 bc47415c94314f98a1d324d53b132562 C2 CAP-0.2 1 LCSC C322C104K2R5TA7301 C236030
20 c9f5a24de7d9962ed69808324826d717 P1 HDR-2X1/2.54 1 LCSC 2.54mm 1*2P C36717
21 7651ec780786e892a42427f2e1da4958 LED2 LED-3MM 1 LCSC LEDOrange orange 3AO4UD C62095
22 7651ec780786e892a42427f2e1da4958 LED1 LED-3MM 1 LCSC LEDOrange orange 3AO4UD C62095




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philipjhart Reply

Hi Marcos, have you actually assembled a board, and does it work programming the PADAUK PFS154 chips?

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