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Water Sensor

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Water Sensor to Arduino

enter image description here When a drop of water onto the sensor, digital output port raindrop sensor module can output low, the analog output can change the output voltage based on the number of raindrops, the more raindrops, the lower voltage. When the sensor detects water, the digital output port high, the analog output voltage of the power supply voltage port Vcc. Module PCB board has two LED lights, one for power indicator, and one for indicating whether there raindrops. When the light is on behalf of the raindrops digital output module output is low, Microduino can detect high and low potential of the digital port for processing. There is also a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity with different sensitivity, a drop of water dripping can have two effects. There is also a voltage comparator LM393 chip, voltage comparator with the high and low logic input and the inverting input voltage comparator, the output of the fast response, but it can not achieve the same LM358 linear scale operations. water sonsor

CODE Project

void  setup()
void loop()
  int value=analogRead(A0);
  if(value<800)//You  can change this value to fit for your app
    digitalWrite(13,HIGH);//Open the led

Arduino IDE Serial Port Monitor

water sensor


Water Sensor


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 Rain connector J1 CONNECTOR_MINI-SMD-5P 1
2 Arduino MEGA 2560 U1 DIP 1




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