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Power Supply Management Module for 3D Pinter-POWER_LOSS-HIGH copy

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Power Supply Monitoring and Management Module that improves usability of 3D Printer.

You may say it's kind a replica of Lerdge Power Monitoring Module (, however, it is different. I am not sure if Lerdge module will work with Marlin, probably, yes, but just for power loss monitoring...

The module consists of two functional parts:

1) Power Sensing (on the top, refer to schematics). Sure, it is isolated from mains power by optocoupler. It ensures a LOW signal to the microprocessor under normal operation conditions and will immediately switch to HIGH as soon as power is lost. Then Marlin accepts the HIGH signal, switches off heaters and writes a power recovery information to a MicroSD card. The energy stored in Power Supply's capacitors is (usually) enough for microprocessor to perform that operation before power is lost completely. My printer has been running for about 2 seconds after switching off the main power provided all heaters are off. So, you may test yours to see if it would work. If the time is shorter, you may need to mod your power supply upgrading smoothing capacitors at its out.

2) Power Management (on the bottom). A simple relay based circuit is controlled by Marlin PS_ON_PIN. Relay is connected in parallel to the main Power ON/Off switch and will short it by a LOW control signal.

Logic is the following:

  • you switch on the printer by main power switch.

  • start printing (Marlin will activate relay that shorts the switch as son as you print job is running)

  • if you'd like to activate power management feature, then turn off the main power switch (relay shorts its contacts and printer stays on and continue running)

  • when print job is finished, Marlin monitors the temperature of the nozzle and will deactivate the relay as soon as temperature reaches 50*C and lower (with a small delay of 5 sec in my settings). If the main power switch was off at the previous step, the printer will be switched off autocratically. Temperature and delay are adjustable in Marlin (see settings below).

Connection: The module is connected to Power line (220V-240V) and parallel to the Power ON/Off switch. I guess for 110v all you need to adjust is R11 and R12 that should be 2 times lower, 22k or 27k instead of 56k (refer to the schematic).

Attention: High Voltage! If you are not sure of how to work with high voltage, please, do not do it.

Overall budget: DIY module ~$3 BoM is provided in the comments to a schematic

Marlin settings: Configuration.h


define PSU_NAME "Power Supply"

// SKR Pro

define PS_ON_PIN PC9 // Extension 1 connector

// SKR v1.3

define PS_ON_PIN P1_24 // Z_MAX_PIN


define PSU_ACTIVE_HIGH false // Set 'false' for ATX (1), 'true' for X-Box (2)

define AUTO_POWER_CONTROL // Enable automatic control of the PS_ON pin


define AUTO_POWER_FANS // Turn on PSU if fans need power



define AUTO_POWER_E_TEMP 50 // (°C) Turn on PSU over this temperature

//#define AUTO_POWER_CHAMBER_TEMP 30 // (°C) Turn on PSU over this temperature

define POWER_TIMEOUT 5 // default 30





// SKR Pro

define POWER_LOSS_PIN PF8 // Pin to detect power loss

// SKR v1.3

define POWER_LOSS_PIN P1_26 // Y_MAX_PIN

define POWER_LOSS_STATE HIGH // State of pin indicating power loss

define POWER_LOSS_PURGE_LEN 2 // 20 // (mm) Length of filament to purge on resume




Schematic-POWER_LOSS-HIGH copy



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 G5LE-14 5VDC K1 RELAY-G5LE-14 1
2 PC817X2NSZ9F(B) U1 DIP-4 1
3 DB107 UR1 DB107 1
4 KF301-2P X2 KF301-2P 1
5 2N7000 Q1,Q2 TO-92(TO-92-3) 2
7 10k...47k R1 R0805 1
8 100nF C1,C3,C4 C0805 3
9 4.7k R4 R0805 1
10 RED LED3 LED 0805 1
11 10uF 16-50V C2 CAP-D6.3XF2.5 1
12 47k R3 R0805 1
13 47...100 R2 R0805 1
14 XH2.54_4P P2 XH2.54-4P 1
15 KF7.62-3P P1 KF7.62-3P 1
16 56K 1W Vertical Resistor R11,R12 RESISTOR VERTICAL 2


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