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Hp 6000/8000 ATX adapter

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Some HP business class desktops use a proprietary Power Supply with (2) 6 pin connectors This PCB allows you to cut off the connectors from your current power supply and use a standard 24-pin ATX power supply you still need a small 5v to 12v boost converter which can be found on ebay

Note: I had to use a 3-wire fan instead of a 4-wire fan to get rid of the [NO Power Supply Fan] warnings

6 Month update: Board works flawlessly, I had the boards made by JLCPCB in black matte looks a lot better than the one I home etched but same functionality albeit slightly smaller I salvaged my connectors from an old motherboard and the 5V convertor came from ebay This is the same design as I got but any 5v -> 12v output boost convertor should work There isn't a very high current draw.. its only for standby power


Schematic copy

PCB copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 6cdef3cdbc1c4584995c7a2a7826d8b2 U1 4PIN_FAN_CONNECTOR 1
2 55c1e48c4ec34af1a2f28bde3afd8f7e U2,U3,U4 PAD 3
3 0a2f47e9697f4da88e8f1b70c0de3596 P1,P2 3.5MM-6P 2
4 f3e14419da494a7383bc42545bb3d400 J1 ATX24 1




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