Update Record

What's new in v6.3.22



  • New start page
  • When multiple netlabels on one wire, the design manager will show a notice
  • Single object supports to show ratline now, such as single pad, via, track
  • Support right-click menu for top document's tab
  • When click a net at design manarger at schematic, the wire width will show more large for wire recognize
  • Footprint manager supports to change unit while check package's size
  • Libraries list support two icons: favorite and report error
  • Design manager supports to show the error information when the net has error
  • Support new simulation devices
  • Copper area supports to set spoke width. when set it as 0, it will be default width
  • Support to choose owner when document Saving As
  • When clone the library and module, support to choose owner
  • Project list supports list my favorite projects
  • Dimension tool supports setting width
  • PCB import changes support to redo and undo
  • Via supports auto snap to track when placing vias
  • Library supports to export to Altium
  • Alitum and PNG and SVG support to be exported by editor, not server
  • New edit symbol dialog at part's property
  • Part supports to setting convert to PCB or not, add in bom or not. when setting it convert to PCB as No, it will not showing at footprint manager too. via: Part's property panel
  • Normal text supports to follow previous text content
  • Ratline hightlight all the time
  • Support select Net first when add copper area
  • Provide a option whether if pad showing net and number at the same time. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if track width and via follow the design rule, via : Design Rule setting dialog
  • Provide a option whether if auto snap the footprint center while dragging it. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if highlight all net while hover a track. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • When the schematic convert to PCB, the PCB can be saved to project direclty
  • Provide first version of footprint naming rule reference: EasyEDA footprint naming rule reference


  • Improve big file opening
  • Improve 3D previewing speed
  • Improve area select is slowly issue
  • Improve delect or copy or move multiple objects will be slowly issue
  • Change SHIFT+M behavior, change to show or hide copper area fill data
  • Improve add teardrops performance
  • Add more right-click menu for project
  • Dimension tool default on document layer
  • Footprint manager supports multiple selected parts when they were selected at the canvas
  • Remove public or private option when create the new project
  • Other bugs fix
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