Update Record

What's New in v5.9.42



  • Fix some copper region will disappear issue when open the Gerber at Flatcam
  • Change "Create Solder Mask" to "Expose Copper"
  • Fix some PCB photo view abnormal issue
  • Fix some PCB can not display correct copper pour issue
  • Other improvements

What's New in v5.9.41



  • Fix the track can not change direction by space key while routing into pad issue
  • Fix the ratline will not disappear issue
  • Fix the "Document Recovery" function doesn't work on the desktop client issue
  • Fix other issues

What's New in v5.9.21


New Features

  • Support move the cursor to footprint origin when hold the SHIFT key and drag the footprint
  • Support object offset setting when select it and then press the TAB key
  • Add "Backup Project" menu
  • Support the grid shape of the copper area
  • Support creating the slot hole by using board outline


  • Improve the redo undo, modify the board outline will cause the editor hang up issue on large PCB
  • Improve PCBlib check dimension function
  • Improve the PIN pick up experience
  • Support copy the PCB information
  • Improve the copper pour performance for the large PCB
  • Improve the PIN and PAD number increasing problem
  • Remove the "Mounted" option for the schematic
  • Support to show the link at the "Libraries" dialog if the lib has been added the link parameter
  • Support disable the DRC boudary at "Design Rule"
  • Improve the large PCB add teardrop will hang up the editor issue
  • Track length tuning support Arc shape
  • Improve the track corner behavior when move the track segment
  • Improve the large PCB photo view will hang up the editor issue
  • Add the order instruction at Gerber zip file
  • Add the remark at the PCB and Gerber when using the "Panelize" function
  • Improve the DRC performance
  • Improve the track snap to other track/arc
  • Improve the solid region style while routing
  • Arc support the solder mask layer
  • The topbar menu support auto close when the cursor moving out
  • Support modify the rectangle width and heihght at the schematic
  • Proejct title support display the version number at the project list
  • PCBlib right-click menu adds "Check Dimension" menu at the "Libraries" dialog
  • Improve the differential pair routing
  • Improve the copper area island option
  • Improve the polygon PAD editing
  • Fix some step can not undo redo issue
  • Fix some PCB objects will move 0.002mil issue
  • Fix the empty text using the Google font will cause the PCB can not open issue
  • Fix some situation will cause the Import Changes doesn't working issue
  • Fix the ratline will not disappear issue if the track doesn't connect with the pad center
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