Update Record

What's new in v6.3.53



  • PCB object copy and cut supports set reference point first, supports to snap while placing
  • While placing pad or via, it supports to snap
  • Supports to remove via in batch, via: Copper Area outline properties - Add/Remove Vias
  • Import DXF supports to read file's unit
  • Export pick and place file supports to contain panelized components


  • Fix abnormal text font will stop saving file issue
  • Fix hard to select track which is inner solid region issue
  • Fix big PCB will show abnormal ratlines issue after opening
  • Fix when create new symbol the tag list doesn't show up issue
  • Fix netlabel will conflict the default netname issue when at some situations
  • Fix some spice simulation issue
  • Fix on top layer change the bottom layer pad as multi-layer fail issue
  • Fix create new sheet will go to the sheet list top issue
  • Fix update symbol will influence other sheet issue
  • Remove only show net name at current active copper layer logic
  • Fix schematic copy and paste will disconnect wire and pin connection issue
  • Fix find similar object some case fail issue
  • Deselect net at PCB Design Manager change behavior as only hide ratline of this net instead of hide all tracks
  • Schematic prefix limitation with only support one dot charater, to avoid subparts identification error issue
  • Canvas attributes doesn't into redo undo anymore
  • Fix desktop client open PCB everytime will rebuild copper area issue
  • Fix via will offset very far issue when open PCB
  • Fix when component ID duplicated set "Add in BOM" as "No" still show in BOM issue
  • Fix others bugs

What's new in v6.3.43



  • Fix netlabel show incorrect rotation issue
  • Fix dragging three points straight track will offset issue
  • Fix some export as DXF issues
  • The arc properties panel adds the arc type properties, which have different property panels and interactions to support the old arc modification
  • Fix V source simulation incorrect issue
  • FIx some bugs of windowns desktop client

What's new in v6.3.41



  • Remove head fields' double quote charaters of BOM and Pick and Place CSV file, which will cause JLCPCB upload fail
  • Fix some situation the pad of footprint in PCB doesn't appear ratline issue

What's new in v6.3.40


  • Fix because of circle to make PCB Import Changes fail issue
  • Refresh Design Manager support to remove extra junction
  • Update EElib and Spice EElib
  • Fix Import Changes the footprint or prefix will offset issue while layers were hidden
  • Hide show layer doesn't into Redo Undo anymore
  • Remove save schematic sheets in batch logic, just save which is modified
  • Fix PCB hotkey D fail issue
  • Export DXF support tracks and silksreen, and surface pad
  • Fix export PNG the schematic has extra dot issue
  • Fix the new sheet without save in the project, and cut and paste the component will not generate the component ID issue
  • Star projects support to be cloned at right-click menu
  • Improve the role permission limit of the observer, the open document without permission editing will not be able to copy, clone, save as operation
  • Fixed some issues that caused the PDF export to fail
  • Fixed exported PDF font family changes and No Connect Flag bigger issue
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect Angle of exported PDF picture when the schematic has pictures. Known problem: the exported picture will be offset when the picture is rotated by 90 degrees.

What's new in v6.3.39


Important Notice

  • Before v6.3.39, update PCB is made through the component prefix, at now, it is made through the component unique ID now. After opening the old document for the first time, the editor reassign the component ID based on the component prefix
  • If the old schematic pages contain subparts(such as U1.1, U1.2 combine as a U1), the component need to be manually moved back to the original location after the first Update PCB
  • Before modify the old projects, suggest to create a new version for it, then edit the new version. Via: project list - project folder - right-click menu - version
  • Do not edit your design less than v6.3.39, if your design have been saving at v6.3.39, otherwise, it will appear footprint offset issue after Import Changes
  • Release new desktop client v4.1.8, supports to save project to local, change the client mode at Setting menu. Only Windows platform avaliable, Linux and Mac OS need sometime


  • Support to remove 3D model at component property panel
  • New Import Changes logic, fixed component location will offset issue after Import Changes(for the old documents, please open and save them; known issue, for the subpart, after Import Changes have to move the footprint back the location)
  • Fix after Import Changes the net of track doesn't update issue
  • Change the ARC interaction logic, keep the center of the circle unchanged when edit the start/end point; Adjust the properties panel properties options
  • Update Design Manager error and warning description
  • Change V-CUT clearance default value as 2mm
  • Support import 3D model in batch:WRL files need to be compressed to a zip fie, no more than 10 WRL files per zip file
  • Support set the unit for the 3D model when importing
  • 3D Model Manager support one-click to auto fit the location
  • SIM mode and STD mode support to switch directly, doesn't need to close documents first anymore
  • Remove Via entry at PCBlib
  • Fix rotate the whole PCB will offset some objects issue
  • Fix some Altium File will show some errors at Design Manager issue
  • Fix when place schematic module will appear incorrect Netport issue
  • Copper area and solid region drawing corner follow with the right-hand panel routing corner
  • Fix CTRL+F dialog will disappear issue after search
  • Fix fail to set canvas zoom effect as Quality Priority issue
  • Fix 3D Manager the model outline location doesn't match footprint issue
  • Fix when just export solder mask layer to PDF, the exported file no content issue
  • The BOM content is contained by double quotation marks
  • When the PCBlib has been updated, after Import Changes, will pop up a dialog waiting for update
  • New EElibs, all assigned the 3D models
  • Fix the problem that you can still click on a selected device after hiding the top or bottom layer
  • Fix the PCB size doesn't contains panelized boards size issue
  • Fix the problem of lost line wrap after modifying the properties panel after normal text line wrap
  • When Import Changes, instead of directly replacing the package with the update, a pop-up window is listed and waiting for the update
  • CSV file contents of exported BOMs are included in double quotation marks
  • Circle drawing supports to use - + to change track width
  • Fix PCB export as SVG will lost copper area issue
  • Fix some schematics export as PDF fail issue
  • Fix some fail to import Altium files issue
  • Fix other issues

What's new in v6.3.22



  • New start page
  • When multiple netlabels on one wire, the design manager will show a notice
  • Single object supports to show ratline now, such as single pad, via, track
  • Support right-click menu for top document's tab
  • When click a net at design manarger at schematic, the wire width will show more large for wire recognize
  • Footprint manager supports to change unit while check package's size
  • Libraries list support two icons: favorite and report error
  • Design manager supports to show the error information when the net has error
  • Support new simulation devices
  • Copper area supports to set spoke width. when set it as 0, it will be default width
  • Support to choose owner when document Saving As
  • When clone the library and module, support to choose owner
  • Project list supports list my favorite projects
  • Dimension tool supports setting width
  • PCB import changes support to redo and undo
  • Via supports auto snap to track when placing vias
  • Library supports to export to Altium
  • Alitum and PNG and SVG support to be exported by editor, not server
  • New edit symbol dialog at part's property
  • Part supports to setting convert to PCB or not, add in bom or not. when setting it convert to PCB as No, it will not showing at footprint manager too. via: Part's property panel
  • Normal text supports to follow previous text content
  • Ratline hightlight all the time
  • Support select Net first when add copper area
  • Provide a option whether if pad showing net and number at the same time. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if track width and via follow the design rule, via : Design Rule setting dialog
  • Provide a option whether if auto snap the footprint center while dragging it. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • Provide a option whether if highlight all net while hover a track. via: system setting - PCB setting
  • When the schematic convert to PCB, the PCB can be saved to project direclty
  • Provide first version of footprint naming rule reference: EasyEDA footprint naming rule reference


  • Improve big file opening
  • Improve 3D previewing speed
  • Improve area select is slowly issue
  • Improve delect or copy or move multiple objects will be slowly issue
  • Change SHIFT+M behavior, change to show or hide copper area fill data
  • Improve add teardrops performance
  • Add more right-click menu for project
  • Dimension tool default on document layer
  • Footprint manager supports multiple selected parts when they were selected at the canvas
  • Remove public or private option when create the new project
  • Other bugs fix
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