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Project Management

EasyEDA team collaboration lets you easily manage your project and team members, and by leveraging cloud-based platform, you can effortlessly manage your design data in a secure space.

System Integration

EasyEDA integrates with PLM, OA, ERP, and PDM systems. Synchronized BOM and manufacturing files to ensure real-time access and matching of material and supply chain data.

Efficient Manufacturing

We offer a one-click ordering service, automatically matching manufacturing files and delivering your PCBs with professional service.

One Interface, Endless Creativity

Schematic Capture
PCB Design
3D Preview

Schematic Capture

Our powerful schematic editor supports complex designs with over 500 sheets and 100,000 pins.

With Easy-to-use components selection tool, millions of free libraries that include symbols, footprints, and 3D models, along with real-time inventory and pricing, and flexible module design, our tool streamlines your design process, helping you design faster and easier.

PCB Design

Supports complex projects with over 5,000 components or 10,000 pads. Powerful interactive Routing, one-click placement of blind and buried vias, Via Stitching and browser extension support.

Our intuitive visualization tools and rules-based routing simplify layout tasks, and optimize routing and component placement of the PCB to ensure that it operates as intended and can be manufactured efficiently.

3D Visualization

Our unified user interface offers both 2D and 3D PCB visualizations, along with a Gerber file viewer for effortless inspection.

The native 3D graphics offer a vivid mechanical layout presentation, with instant 3D preview updates after any PCB adjustment.

Unique Features and Services of EasyEDA

Flexible Work
Team Work
Advanced Library Management
Layout Services

Flexible Work


New interface, web-based tool, high efficiency, no need to download. AWS ensures data security.

Desktop Client

EasyEDA desktop client has offline and semi-offline modes that support local storage of all projects.

On Premises Hosting

Data is securely stored on dedicated enterprise servers, enabling support for a larger enterprise user base and ensuring rapid processing and storage of vast amounts of data.

Multi-platform Compatibility

Supports AMD64, SW_64, ARM64, LoongArch64, and other CPU architectures.

Team Work

Team Role

Team roles are categorized as Managers, Developers, and Observers, streamlining tasks and boosting security through clear role definitions.

Team Data

All project data, including projects, libraries, and models, will be owned by the team and can be uploaded as team documents.

Real-time Control

Manage team members and data in real-time. You can easily view all team project status and logs in the workspace.

Efficient Co-Design

Allow multiple designers to collaborate effortlessly from any location or device, empowering teams to comment on designs and enhance teamwork effectiveness.

Advanced Library Management

Device Manager

Easily replace components using the Device Manager, allowing for quick modification of component properties and standardized BOM output.

Component Request for Free

If you can't find the components you need in the library, submit a request and EasyEDA will create the library drawings for you free of charge.

Device Standardized

Visualization tools help users check component information and manage BOM in real-time. Whether updating or replacing, the components used in the project are clear at a glance.

ERP/PLM Data Connection

EasyEDA allows connecting to ERP/PLM systems. You can use PLM's real-time material data, such as price, inventory, etc., to complete the parts selection during the design process.

Layout Services

Design Visualization

View the progress of designs anytime, intuitive and clear.

Competitive Price

Enjoy competitive pricing at $0.5 per pin, a project with 3000 pins can be completed within 5 days. Also supports PCB layout designs with over 100,000 pins.

Support for Complex Designs

Supports high-frequency, high-speed, FPC, and high power PCB design.

3D Model Library

Use EasyEDA design to swiftly generate a free 3D structure of your PCB, streamline the structural design process, and export STEP files quickly.

Data Security

Secure your designs with AES encryption, prevent data leaks, and protect project data with multiple backups and disaster recovery.

Explore Why EasyEDA is Globally Recognized


13 years of development


Cloud-based platform hosted by AWS


One-stop experience


Dedicated customer service
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