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Library Symbol/footprint/3D model library
Spice Symbol
Schematic Schematic design
Export BOM
Spice Simulation
Hierarchy design/Reuse Block
Design rule check
PCBLib PCB design
Export fabrication file Gerber
Push routing
Blind/buried via
Prohibited region
3D shell design
Export 3D file STEP
Other Import Altium/EAGEL/KiCad
Export Altium
Import Protel/PADS/LTspice
Panel design
Mutil-boards design
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EasyEDA Has a Free Version for Everyone.
Fast Experience

- Easy to use. If you have used other PCB tools then you can use it even more quickly.

- Light weight, less resource requirement, smoother experience, speed up your design.

- Free activation and authorization, you can use it by registering and logging in, and you don't have to endure the cracked EDA anymore.

File Security

-  Local backup automatically with document recovery at any time.

- Your files will also be saved on the cloud server, giving you double backup for you data security.

Don't like desktop client?

You can use our online version, schematic (circuit diagram) design,

simulation,PCB design and Gerber generation are free of charge.

如果需要转移工程请在个人中心 - 工程 - 工程高级设置 - 下载工程,下载后在 打开保存即可。
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