Plans and Pricing

There are no absolutely free business models; EasyEDA has to support itself and so it has to support the team too.

Trying to provide a disruptive innovation, we provide a great free web based EDA tool, but we try to make money from other services, such as providing PCB orders, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews by our professional electronics engineers.

Feel free to use EasyEDA, we promise EasyEDA's core features are absolutely free to every one.

Standard Professional Enterprise
Price Free Forever No more than $20/Month contact
Commercial use Y Y Y
Public projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Private Projects(?) From 2 to Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free download Gerber Files Y Y Y
Collaboration Y Y Y
Forum Support Y Y Y
Email Support Y(48hours) Y(24hours) Y(12 hours)
Phone Support N N Y
PCB order discount N 5% 10%
Advertisement(?) Y N N
Cloud Auto router Y Y Y
Cloud spice simulation Y Y Y
On-Premises Hosting N N Y


Can I change my plan at any time?

Yes. For now, everyone can enjoy all the features of the Professional plan for free but at some time in the future there will be a small monthly fee of no more than $20/month for the Professional plan.

From that time there will continue to be a completely free Standard plan allowing only 2 private projects but with the possibility of earning additional private projects as described further down the page.

EDA tools are quite expensive to build, Why you can supply the core features for free?

Yes, it has taken more than 5 years to build EasyEDA to this point and we will spent another X years developing it.

We will be unique, making money from our services such as PCB orders, PCB assembly, advertising and special project reviews but even so, maybe some time you would like to make a donation or give us some tip with your payment :)

Do you offer special nonprofit and educational pricing?

We think the free Standard plan is enough but if you need more, just email us.

Will we be prevented from downloading the Gerber and drill files?

Unlike some other some free EDA tools, where you can order your PCB only from them, we hope that you will order your PCB from us but you are welcome to download the Gerber and Drill files and to use any other PCB house. The EasyEDA file format is open source, you can read the Gerber files in a number of open source viewers and we will open source our gerber generation program soon: maybe you can improve it!

What will happen if I want more than 2 private projects in the Standard plan?

Maybe you can make your private projects into public ones or backup the private projects to local storage and then remove them from your account. The easy way is upgrade to the Professional plan which, although not free, is still a very low cost option.

However, you can earn more private project space via:

  • Contibute awesome public projects, For every one of your public projects that we feature, we will give you one more private project;
  • Create nice symbols and footprints. Every 15 nice components will be rewarded by a private project;
  • Invite your friends to EasyEDA. For every two people who then join will be reward an extra private project;
  • More options coming soon.

What about terrible Advertisements?

We hate terrible advertisements too: this is why you can't see any Ads in the clean EasyEDA but at some time, if we can find some tasteful and helpful Ads, you can get lots of useful information from them.

If not, then maybe EasyEDA will be advertisement free forever :)

Why is the status of a Cloud Auto router shown as Unknown?

This function is under development but a really effective, efficient and super fast Auto router will cost lots of CPU resource, so we will have to evaluate this. That said, we can confirm that almost all of the great hardware projects are actually manually routed.

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