Update Record

What's New in v6.1.52



  • Fix some situations the Gerber generating incorrect issue
  • Fix Libraries dialog keyword highlight incorrect issue
  • Fix when at footprint manager, subpart pin information can not be edited issue
  • Fix some images doesn't display issue
  • Fix some PCBs' copper clearance incorrect issue

What's New in v6.1.51



  • Fix Chrome v75's bug causes 3D view crash issue
  • Fix View Datasheet button fail issue

What's New in v6.1.50



  • Fix some situation the Gerber generating incorrect issue
  • Fix footprint manager update package fail issue when part's pin name has special charater \
  • Fix library tags will be separated by space issue

What's New in v6.1.49



  • Fix copper area bug
  • Improve login
  • Change "Common Button Setting" to "Menu Setting"; change inner plane fill option confusing issue

What's New in v6.1.48



  • Fix after import changes, delete copper area fail issue

What's New in v6.1.46



  • Fix placing schematic module will cause part's unique ID repeatly issue
  • Fix modifing PCB text doesn't success issue
  • Fix change vias size fail in multiple objects issue
  • Fix Find Similar Object doesn't work issue when the parameter input by manually
  • Fix sometimes login editor it will show you are logout issue
  • Fix sometimes open the editor it will show you can not connect with internet issue
  • Fix when the same net multi-layer pads overlap will DRC error issue
  • Fix the offset hole of the polygon pad can not be generate the correct Gerber file issue
  • Fix some files open abnormal issue
  • Fix remove loop will appear strange track routing issue

What's New in v6.1.41



  • Fix change pad size fail in multiple objects issue
  • Fix Photo view fail issue

What's New in v6.1.39



  • Fix after importing changes the copper area fill data will be removed issue
  • Improve while routing 45 degree track is not smooth issue

What's New in v6.1.38



  • Fix some PCB can't save issue

What's New in v6.1.37



  • BUG fix

What's New in v6.1.34



  • Fix some situation import changes doesn't success issue
  • Fix some special polygon will cause the Gerber shorted issue
  • Fix some situation add tearops will cause the copper area shorted issue

What's New in v6.1.33



  • Fix import changes will stuck issue
  • Fix Update part doesn't work issues
  • Fix other issues

What's New in v6.1.30


New Features

  • New Copper Area
    • Remove copper corner and thin line: NOTICE!!! When open the old PCB file, it maybe need to add the track or via to finish the copper connection, please check it carefully!
    • The Faster grid copper performance
    • Support to generate the clearance from the copper to board outline
      Known issue: When multiple same net copper areas overlap the edge for each other will generate the round corner clearance, it will be fixed at v6.2
  • Support to modify the prefix at the schematic and then update to PCB will not change part's position
  • Support object filter feature. Entrance: Layers tool
    • Layer type and object filter
    • Click the eye icon to hide object
    • Diselect the object option, you will not able to select & move & copy the object etc.
  • Signal layer and board outline layer support to draw cirle
  • Support System Setting. Via: Topbar - Setting - System Setting
    • Canvas zoom mode
    • Schematic: display package name; auto-annotate prefix
    • PCB: zoom efficiency mode; rotation step setting; auto-assign the net name for free track/arc; new PCB wizard; favorite track width
  • PCB support to export DXF
  • Footprint manager support to check package's size
  • Support to remove track loop. via: right-hand panel - Other - Remove Loop
  • Component support to be selected direclty at PCB
  • New Parts searching dialog
    • Show tags direclty
    • Highlight keyword after searching
    • Part's price and storage same as LCSC
    • Mini dialog mode. Via: Dialog left-top corner button
    • Add New searching engine LCSC, better searching experience
  • The track and arc and solid region support to convert to be a pad
  • Support to place multiple vias. via: copper area property - place multiple vias button
  • Panelize function support display V-CUT line
  • New hotkeys
    • SHIFT+G:Display track length while routing
    • CTRL+R:Depend on reference point for copy object repeatly
    • SHIFT+W:Show favorite track width
    • SHIFT+1:Cycle forward to next open tabbed document
    • SHIFT+2:Cycle backward to next open tabbed document
    • +,-:Switch to the forward/next signal layer
    • * :Cycle switch to the next signal layer
    • SHIFT+R:Change routing conflict
    • SHIFT+S:Toggle layers which is not active
    • ALT+click the track:Highlight this track's net
    • CRTL+SHIFT+L:Align left
    • CRTL+SHIFT+R:Align right
    • CRTL+SHIFT+O:Align top
    • CRTL+SHIFT+B:Align bottom
    • SHIFT+ALT+H:Align horizontal centers
    • SHIFT+ALT+E:Align verticas centers
    • CRTL+SHIFT+G:Align grid
    • CRTL+SHIFT+H:Distribute Horizontally
    • CRTL+SHIFT+E:Distribute Vertically
    • CTRL+L:Open layer manager
    • T、B:Change Selected component to top layer or bottom layer
    • ALT+F5:Full screen at browser
    • CTRL+HOME:Set canvas origin by coordiante
    • HOME:Set canvas origin by mouse location
    • CTRL+SHIFT+F:Find similar objects
    • CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE:Change routing angle, same as hotkey L
    • Q:Change canvas unit
    • CTRL+Q:Hide/show network
    • SHIFT + drage component:The cursor snap to component's origin while component moving
    • F1:Open FQA page
    • CTRL+SHIFT+C: Copy object(s) by reference point
    • CTRL+SHIFT+V:Paste object(s) and keep the prefix, and hide the ratline layer
  • DRC check support to check text and image etc.
  • Net color setting. via: topbar - tools - net color
  • Support panelize board by manually. How to use: Use CTRL+SHIFT+C or CTRL+C to copy board, and then CTRL+SHIFT+V to paste, and then SHIFT+B to rebuild copper area
  • Auto mirror the bottom side component's coordiante while export the pick and place file
  • The via's net support to follow the pad's while placing the via on the pad
  • Netflat support to display name and change its location
  • Add "View Datasheet" button at part's property panel
  • Support to rotate the footprint manually
  • Track and arc support to edit the length
  • Hightlight the document's name at the project list while change documents tabs
  • Schematic support H hotkey to highlight the wires
  • The schematic wire support to pan
  • New symbol DIP-B for schematic library wizard


  • Improve auto router, local auto router updated to v0.8.10
  • Footprint manager support to extend the dialog size
  • Remove object's net attrubite of PCBlib
  • Track and Pad support SHIFT+X to cross probe
  • Hotkey H hightlight the network until press H again
  • Show error at design manager for netlabel which is without connection
  • Remove Board Ouline Setting will auto enlarge the size issue
  • Delete the prefix or name will hide it automatically
  • Remove the Hide Component function at PCB design manager
  • Remove some auto rebuild copper behaviors
  • Add recycle bin icon at left side panel
  • Find similar objects support find prefix and name
  • PCB doesn't support the repeatly prefix(except CTRL+SHIFT+V)
  • Improve the circle drawing experience
  • Improve the snap feature for track/arc/measure/set canvas origin
  • Seleted all text while double click the text
  • Add search input box at the top
  • BUG fixed
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