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What’s New in v5.7



Founder/Electronics Engineer.

What’s new in v5.7.26



  • Fixed the space of the text will cause the font family to change issue.
  • Fixed when copy the PCB footprint and paste to the PCBlib will cause the prefix incorrect issue
  • Fixed the PCB module placing unavaliable issue

What’s new in v5.7.24



  • PCB text font family supports to change to other fonts automatically when the default font family can not display the text.
  • Fixed the irregular solid region will cause the incorrect DRC errors issue.
  • Fixed when the copper areas overlap the Gerber will be generated incorrect issue
  • Fixed when the copper areas overlap, the Gerber will be generated incorrect issue

What’s new in v5.7.22


New Features


  • Fixed when edit the old PCB the Ratlines don't coincide with pad issue.
  • Fixed the pad can't not connect with the copper area correclty issue of some special imported PCB

What’s new in v5.7.19



  • Fixed the DRC error marks remain issue after importing changes
  • Improved the copper area picking experience

What’s new in v5.7.17


New Features

  • 3D View(first version)
    • Via: Topbar - Preview - 3D View
    • Known issue: The inner wall of the plated hole doesn't support plated yet
  • Board Panelize(first version)
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Panelize
    • Only support to self-panelize, it panelize the borad outline, the PCB factory will know how to panelize the PCBs
  • Copper Area Manager(first version)
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Copper Area Manager
    • Copper Area can be named
    • How to use:Adjust the copper areas order, then apply
  • PCB Lib Dimension Tool
    • via:Topbar - Tools - Check Dimension
    • Dimension data will not be saved in PCBlib
  • Track Length Tuning(first version)
    • Via: Topbar - Route - Track Length Tuning
    • How to use: Select the track you want, then click the menu, set the parameter, then left-click the track onece where you want to start tunning, and then move the mouse
  • Routing Conflict - Block
    • Via: Canvas Attributes - Others - Routing Conflict
  • Track routing support to show unconfirmed track, Right-click to cancel the unconfirmed track
  • Unconfirmed track support to show DRC outline
  • New Design Rule Manager
    • Support different net different rule
    • Support check objects to board outline
  • Add two Google fonts for PCB, support Chinese & Korean & Japanese to input directly
  • DRC error support to check the objects to copper area
  • New DRC errors information for design manager
  • Arc & Protractor support more attributes
  • All documents support to import DXF
  • New PCB Distance Measure, hotkey M
  • Support Components' pins to overlap and drag to generate the wires
  • Press Tab key to modify attrubites when place the component/net label/pad/via/pin/track/canvas origin
  • Layers Tool's height is supported to pin and adjust
  • Support ESC key to cancel menu
  • The single track support to convert to NTPH(Slot hole)
    • How to use: Select one track, right-click menu - Convert to NPTH
  • Add Portuguese & Czech, thanks for William Kazan(Portuguese) & Zdenek Hubner(Czech)
  • The position of the component prefix of the PCB can be modified
    • Via: Topbar - Edit - Prefix Position
    • How to use: Select the components, click the menu
  • New highlight style on the canvas when click the component/pin/net at the design manager
  • New Find Tool. Hotkey CTRL+F
  • When placing offical verified component support to show the √ mark on the component's left-bottom corner
  • Offical components support to report error at the right-hand panel


  • Smaller copper area outline, and more convenience for picking
  • Fixed when photo view the PCB the silk screen will cover the pad issue
  • Fixed when measure the distance the cursor can't be snapped to pad center issue
  • Fixed some situation the footprint's prefix and name can't not mirror issue
  • Improved the image import for the schematic
  • Remove the clearance of the solid region(cut out/NPTH) to copper area
  • Fixed when modify the component pin information at the footprint manager can't work issue
  • Fixed the PCB footprint's prefix can't be deleted issue when it was ungrouped
  • Fixed the subpart update fail issue

Know issue

  • The auto-router doesn't work in some PCB, we will fix it after finished the 3D view(including PCB 3D view & PCBlib 3D view and 3D model associate). Please route the track manually at this time.

Forecast of Next Big Version

  • New version control for the project
  • Multi-sheet order adjustment
  • Support Grid copper area
  • Support 32 inner layer
  • Support plane layer
  • Support set the transparent for the layer
  • Support solder mask and paste mask of the pad
  • Support 3D lib

Estimated Release Time

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