Update Record

What's new in v6.4.19.4



  • Fixed a simulation issue

What's new in v6.4.19.3



  • Support hotkey CTRL+ALT+L to enable all layers
  • Support hotkey SHIFT+T to open Symbol Wizard
  • Support hotkey ALT+W to close current document,SHIT+ALT+W to close all documents
  • Support hotkey ALT+F to open Footprint Manager
  • Support to multi-selection closed tracks to convert to Contiune Track and Closed Solid Region at right-click menu
  • Support to save the copper filled data into PCB file when the PCB is less than 15MB, to decrease to rebuild copper area behaviour when open the PCB
  • Detect whether there is a voltage source or a current source before simulation
  • Re-support package placement vias
  • Export BOM support to export price
  • Fixed auto router failed issue
  • Fixed some konwn issues

What's new in v6.4.17



  • Fix that the right-click refresh list of an opened project will not automatically update the project name
  • Fix the problem that DRC cannot detect when the inner diameter of the via is 0
  • The new PCB name default follows the project name
  • Fix the problem of incorrect arc ratline detection
  • Fix the problem of subparts group reset part prefix swap
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect export time of Gerber compressed package
  • Place the component on the PCB, and then transfer the schematic to the PCB component attribute to follow to the PCB
  • The coordinates exported by Gerber follow the origin of the canvas
  • JLCPCB Assembled(SMT part) part list adds welding type
  • Fix some simulation waveform display errors
  • Fix the problem that the text input box of the canvas is blocked by the right panel
  • Fix the problem that the package preview is blocked by black background
  • Fix the problem that the origin of the preview area is incorrect after the 3D model manager modified the footprint origin
  • The coordinate format defaults to 3:3 when exporting Gerber, and 4:2 format is automatically used when the PCB size is exceeded
  • Separate the BOM export of Schematic and PCB
  • Routing corner support Arc 45 degrees

What's new in v6.4.14



  • Improve document update
  • Fixed Footprint Manager search result sorting incorrect issue
  • Add "Close All Projects" menu at Opened Project right-click menu

What's new in v6.4.12



  • PCB supports to export 3D model, only OBJ format at present, via: top menu - file - export
  • Supports continuous subparts placement
  • Adjust the border processing logic of the imported Altium Designer PCB file: Board Shape import as the board outline layer, keep-out layer import as the document layer, mechanical layer and so on import as the mechanical layer
  • Adjust the detection logic of copper area to the board outline, support manual panelize can also copper pour.
  • Fixed some PCB opnening will appear errors issue
  • Editor top title adds standard edition text to distinguish between Standard edition and Professional edition
  • Fixed component library search engine in LCSC Electronic, the subparts library cannot preview and place issues
  • Fixed a copper area short circuit problem in some extreme cases
  • Fixed an issue with imported images generating Gerber incorrectly
  • Fixed some abnormal Gerber generated in special cases
  • Fixed the problem of slow copper pour when there are a large number of polygonal pads
  • Locking components support locking layers, fixing the problem of locking components are being aligned
  • Fixed teardrop removal problem too slow
  • Fixed duplicate the board to another board, the copper area priority change issue
  • Fixed an issue where arc radius set to 0 would get stuck
  • Fix the EElib has incorrect footprint issue
  • Fixed an issue where drawing track from a pad would have incorrect network issue
  • Fixed a problem where differential routing could not continue drawing from the via
  • Fixed network name exits issue after rectangle deletion
  • Optimize the DRC detect slow problem
  • Project sharing will goto OSHWLAB
  • Removes the minute and second suffix of the exported file name

What's new in v6.4.7



  • Support top toolbar
  • Support "Reset Component ID" feature, via: Design - Reset Component ID, to solve the problem of open old files, delete old components and put new ones after Import Changes
  • Support shortcut keys for Convert to PCB, Update PCB and Import Changes
  • Support show stock for JLCPCB assembly parts at Library
  • Support open All Projects while right-click the owner at the Open Project dialog
  • Fix undo fail issue after placing module
  • Fix different fonts family change font width fail issue
  • Fix PCB sheet drawing placing incorrect issue
  • Fix other issues

What's new in v6.4.5



  • Fix Design Rule apply the rule for the net will fail issue while using the rule filter
  • Fix the problem with the reference point clicking on the blank screen residue when the package is cut.
  • Fix the Design Manager net folder doesn't refresh issue after Import Chagnes
  • Fix Select API fail to update the property panel issue

What's new in v6.4.4



  • Fix routing auto terminate fail issue
  • Fix Design Manager checked the net folder but ratline doesn't appear issue
  • The left side tags of the Library is folded by default.
  • Fix copper area after Apply will mess up the copper order issue
  • Opend Project list add filter input box
  • Fix some tracks convert to board cutout will fail to generate the Gerber board cutout issue
  • Fix and improve others issues

What's new in v6.4.3



  • Add "Open Project" menu and button, change left project list to "Open Project"
  • Add an option in the Import Change dialog box to update the track's net at the same time
  • Fix while placing component at large schematic very slow issue
  • Fix a DRC error when the design rule clearacnce too small to check the solid region clearance issue
  • Fixed when differential pair routing can't follow the previous location issue, fix other differential pair routing issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Footpirnt Manager was unable to load more lists
  • Change the footprint placing location same as PCB Import Changes while the schematic convert to PCB
  • Fixed an issue where the import Altium Design schematic was empty in some cases
  • Change the import Altium Design file size to an upper limit of 100MB
  • Fixed a problem when updating track net after Import Changes without updating solid region net
  • Fix other issues

What's new in v6.4.2



  • New module placement, to support multiple chanel layout. How to work:
    • Create new Schematic Module and PCB Module, corresponding the prefix
    • Place module, enter the same identification English letters
    • Continue placing the modules with different identification English letters
    • When Schematic Modules quantity same as PCB module, do Import Changes, it will keep the PCB modules layout, and then impelement the multiple chanel layout
    • The module can not exit un-annotated prefix, such as U?
  • Improve document tab identification
  • Top menu change from icon menu to text menu
  • Change Spice simulation hotkey as F8
  • Improve Cross Probe and Cross Probe and Place
  • Remove open all documents behavior when opening one document
  • Prohibited pad number changes of the Footpirnt, avoid lead to Import Changes fail
  • Fix import Alitum fail issue
  • Fixed an issue with the new version of Firefox 3D model preview offset
  • Fix some simulation issues
  • Fix others issue

What's new in v6.4.0



  • Support mutilple windows corresponding
    • At a same browser or on desktop client, open two editor tabs, open the schematic and PCB for each tab
    • Open the Design Manager
    • Click the component or wire/track, the other window's component will be highlighted
    • You can open the file in new window via: document tab - right-clik menu - open in new window
  • Fixed if net label has "~" will make net label name empty issue
  • Update some words: SchematicLib chang to Symbol, PCBlib change to Footprint
  • Fixed importing Alitum PCB doesn't up case the net name issue
  • Fixed can't paste the cuircuit to schematic module issue
  • Remove photo view's net name
  • Fixed an issue with arrow key movement encapsulation moving the entire canvas
  • Fixed importing Alitum PCB doesn't enable the solder/paste mask layer issue
  • Fixed some Alitum file importing fail issue
  • Fixed inner layer changes name and color will remove the inner layer objects issue
  • Fixed copy locked object fail issue
  • Fixed other bugs
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