RC Joystick NRF24

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2.4 GHz Arduino-based radio control equipment for RC toys. RF module - NRF24L01+ PA LNA. With feedback. Sticks form PS4.

Аппаратура радиоуправления на Ardunio и NRF24L01

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PCB Joy v2


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 2e858f793ec84f10b5245560b215876c U1 TP4056SAM 1
2 17eb339750ed2e3756214c176201643d P2 HDR-6X1/2.54 1
3 25d4d8056666467aa989a6c091ab8aa9 IC1 AMS1117 1
4 9295f19ab3864476924e28be973e43ff P3,P1 PS4_JOYSTICK 2
5 96791cc762c04a60a9a4456affc2a20d U2 ARDUINO PRO MINI UC 1
6 a7ea11f414b44ca28dbf5c9b17beea1f H2 DIP-1X4P2.54 1
7 a224cd9daf1c4744a471a1e4043468fd M1 WIRELESS-NRF24L01-PA-EXT 1
8 c3872e85b79a40349482611c25048094 C1 CASE-B_3528 1
9 c996990367134df4854174670f257897 H1 HDR-2X1/2.54 1
10 c996990367134df4854174670f257897 H3 HDR-2X1/2.54 1
11 d53dd3a70a82db255b59b7e17aa3ff18 P4 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-2P 1
12 f219d0d9112f4b22a33ebe24938e8ba8 U3 SPDT SWITCH MTS-102 1
13 f696f79f75704eec95650788c376b536 U4 DC-DC-STEP-UP-5V 1
14 f5301fc7f5b041cfbb49844e61332b25 U5 HC05 1


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