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S2 Tiny (53uA in deep sleep)

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S2 Tiny

Breadboard friendly minimal dev board for ESP32-S2 Wrover or Wroom

  • Small footprint (most pins are not accessible)
  • Uses about 53uA in deep sleep (maybe even less with some tricks, e.g. setting pins to INPUT_PULLUP)
  • XC6220 voltage regulator (6V max, 1000mA max, 8uA quiescent current) for battery operation
  • SPI (MISO, MOSI, SCK) and default Arduino IDE I2C pins are accessible
  • DAC pins are accessible
  • Pins necessary for flashing are accessible

To flash the board you need to connect GPIO0 to GND and push the reset button



S2 Tiny schematic

S2 Tiny PCB


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 3x6x2.5mm KEY1 KEY-3.0*6.0 1
3 XC6220B331PR-G U1 XC6220B331PR-G-HANDSOLDER 1
4 10k R1 R0805 1
5 1u C6 C0805 1
6 100n C2 C0805 1
7 22u C1 C0805 1
8 HDR-M-2.54_1x10 J3,J4 HDR-M-2.54_1X10 2
9 10u C5,C4 C0805 2


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Comments (8)

FabianoRiccardi Reply

Hi, I had tested my board (ESP32-S2 + MCP1700 + external Crystal) and in deepsleep mode I measure 20uA. How do you get 53uA? Is the XC6220B331PR? 

Miraculix200 Reply

@fabiano.riccardi Indeed. The XC6220 can provide up to 1A of current, but has a special "green" mode which gets enabled when less than 1mA (if I remember correctly) of current are used. Then it only uses 8uA quiescent current (according to the datasheet). So for many use cases it may be a better alternative to MCP1700. Works well with 2 ceramic caps (10u) too. No need for tantal.

FabianoRiccardi Reply

@Miraculix200 Ok, but my doubts was about the total deep consumption 53uA: by datasheet, the quiescent current of XC6220 is 8uA and ESP32-S2-WROOM should consume 20uA, so I expect something like 30uA.

Miraculix200 Reply

@fabiano.riccardi Ah that you mean. I'm not sure what causes it. Maybe it's because I didn't set the GPIO pins to a defined state (e.g. INPUT_PULLUP). So maybe they're using a little current in deep sleep. It was just a quick test, as I don't yet have a project where I would need deep sleep for ESP32-S2. And 53uA is good enough for me anyway, as it would still last several years on 3 x AA batteries.

FabianoRiccardi Reply

@Miraculix200 I got your point, for sure it is fine for many application (even mine), I was just curious about such discrepancy between real and theoretical values. I had tested the my board with Arduino framework, so all the pins should be configured as input by default.

Miraculix200 Reply

@fabiano.riccardi I've tried it again after setting all GPIO pins to INPUT_PULLUP, but it's still the same. So I have no idea what causes it to use 53uA. The multimeter may not be the most accurate, but it shows around 13uA with my Atmega328 with NRF24L01+ (both in deep sleep/powerdown), which seems about right. So it may be the XC6220 using more than is stated in the datasheet. I may be able to test it next week.

FabianoRiccardi Reply

@Miraculix200 thanks for the patience, let me know :)

Miraculix200 Reply

@FabianoRiccardi  Tests with a XC6220 without any load connected show a current of about 34uA. Tried putting 1K/10K resistors on the CE pin but it didn't change anything.

I've looked at the datasheet again and see that the supply current is MIN 8uA, but MAX 33uA at 5V input. So the 53uA in deep sleep make sense more or less. Though I don't know why it would always use the max supply current.

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