Class-A Mosfet Headphone Amplifier

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This is an experimental electronic circuit, without any warranty.

Class-A Mosfet Headphone Amplifier



Piotr Sylwesiuk


Headphone Amplifier


ID Name Designator Quantity Mounted
1 9f0ec4d613504600b654b6d87133e268 R9,R10 2 Yes
2 9f0ec4d613504600b654b6d87133e268 R11,R21,R12,R22 4 Yes
3 9f0ec4d613504600b654b6d87133e268 R23,R24 2 Yes
4 493c37b31335cee71a6923d9c01da200 Q1,Q3,Q5,Q2,Q4,Q6 6 Yes C2566
5 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R15,R16 2 Yes
6 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R7,R8 2 No
7 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R5,R13,R6,R14 4 Yes
8 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R1,R17,R2,R18 4 Yes
9 14305fcff6fe44d7aa3af50b8ddc6b6d R3,R19,R4,R20 4 Yes
10 b759162ed7cf442ca0391eb51b1e71d5 VR1,VR3,VR2,VR4 4 Yes
11 ed52d870078540a3bc625fd00eab2775 U1,U2 2 Yes
12 a7576731b0bb4644bdf53669c05a1112 C3,C13,C4,C14 4 Yes
13 9d3e31643f624d78a83464f2ccb93ace C5,C11,C6,C12 4 Yes
14 9d3e31643f624d78a83464f2ccb93ace C7,C8 2 Yes
15 fa8b025fe45b46549086481cdb6fa68f C9,C1,C10,C2 4 Yes
16 c996990367134df4854174670f257897 P2 1 Yes
17 21f8f80a3f7c3c2b00b33f71a31ff6ef P3 1 Yes
18 6bc407d0d8044addb609549458b59af2 P1 1 Yes


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Comments (4)

Aqdw Muhagungr Reply

wow coolll man

bassblaster505 Reply

How much gain does this design have?

Spice model this amplifier not working properly.

bassblaster505 Reply

after building i can confirm it has plenty of gain to blow my ears off with my Sony MDR-7506. Make sure you get the bias right! If its too low you'll clip at low levels


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