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Crystal oscillator using EasyEDA quick starting crystal spice model

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This simulation shows the use of the EasyEDA kick start crystal spice model to quick start oscillations in a crystal controlled oscillator.

It can be seen that - compared to a conventional, unassisted startup - the EasyEDA model provides an almost immediate build up of oscillations.

Due to their extremely high Q, crystal oscillator simulations take a very long time to start up.

Using the XTAL symbol from the EasyEDA Libs palette, this simulation schematic shows how the EasyEDA XTALfast crystal spice model can be used to kick start oscillation giving a much shorter start-up time compared to the conventional unassisted XTALnofast model.

The technique used to fast start the EasyEDA crystal spice model excites the oscillator into the resonant frequency of the application circuit, including the effects of external circuit "tuning" components, and does not force oscillations to start at a calculated theoretical frequency that may take many cycles to settle to the actual circuit resonant frequency.


Crystal oscillator using EasyEDA quick starting crystal spice model

XTAL_LT demo


ID Name Designator Quantity
1 34p C2,C1 2
2 PULSE(3.3 3.4 1n 1n 1n 1u 10) V2 1
3 1 ROUT 1
4 I=0.5*V(vcc)*(TANH((V(vcc)/2-V(in))*10)+1) BINVERTER 1
5 1.5Meg RFB 1
6 820 RSER 1
7 0.0186p Lser=8.052m Cpar=1.04p Rser=20.93 XTAL1 1
8 XTALnokick fseries = 10Meg C0val = 1.1p C1val = 0.02p R1val = 22 QXTAL1 1




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