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SeismoCloud is a project to monitor seismic activity whose goal is providing EarthQuake Early Warnings in a DIY fashion. It is developed and maintained by the University of Rome "La Sapienza".

This is the PCB to build the seismometer. Here the 3D-printable case to protect it.

NOTE: I'm not affiliated with the University nor the SeismoCloud team. This work is a personal and unofficial revision inspired by the official guide to build the sensor node. Use at your own risk.

Main components

  • MCU Espressif ESP8266
  • Acceleromenter InvenSense MPU6050
  • LDO ME6211


The components of this project are available at JLCPCB assembly supply chain so that you can order the fully assembled SeismoCloud PCB. However, if you prefer to mount components yourself, you can easily accomplish this task using a hot-air gun.

Flash firmware

To flash the official firmware, available on GitHub, you need an external programmer. This PCB is designed to be pin-compatible with ESP Programmer, but you can look at the schematic to use whichever USB-Serial adapter to have at home.

Board in action

Power Consumption

If you are wondering the power consumption of such board, here the chart:


The boot phase ends just after the second current drop (center of the timeline), after that, the power consumption stabilizes at about 90mA, with sporadic peaks of 300mA due to WiFi.

Approximating the average current to 100mA and considering supply voltage at 5V, the energy consumption is 4.4kWh/year, about 1€ in Italy.


  • 1.0.0 ✅: it works ✨

Versioning conventions

Each printed board has a version. Version advancements are ruled accordingly to Semantic Versioning.

To show the status of each version I use the following symbols:

  • A White Heavy Check Mark (✅) means that it is successfully tested;
  • A Negative Squared Cross Mark (❎) means that it was almost successfully tested (the main functionalities are fine), but there are bugs affecting minor funcionalities;
  • A Warning Sign (⚠) means that the board is not usable out of the box but the bugs are fixable  in DIY (decent) fashion;
  • A Cross Mark (❌) means that there are some problems that makes it unusable;
  • A White Question Mark Ornament (❔) means not tested.





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 1uF C1,C3 C0603 2
2 100nF C2,C7 C0603 2
3 10uF C4 C0603 1
4 100n C5 C0603 1
5 2.2n C6 C0603 1
6 HEADER 6-PIN_Female H2 1X06 2.54-SPACED HOLES 1
7 DC-005-20A_C136744 J1 DC-IN-TH_DC-005-20A 1
8 Red LED1 LED0603_RED 1
9 Yellow LED2 LED0603_GREEN 1
10 Green LED3 LED0603_GREEN 1
11 10k R1,R2,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7 R0603 7
12 150 R8,R9,R10 R0603 3
13 K2-1107ST-A4SW-06 SW1 KEY-SMD_L6.2-W3.6-LS8.0 1
14 MPU-6050_C24112 U1 QFN-24_L4.0-W4.0-P0.50-BL-EP2.6 1
15 ME6211C33R5G U4 SOT-353_L2.1-W1.3-P0.65-LS2.3-BL 1
16 ESP-WROOM-02D(4MB) U5 WIFIM-SMD_19P-L18.0-W20.0-P1.50 1
17 micro USB Female USB1 MICRO-USB-SMD_5P-P0.65-H-F_C10418 1


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