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This is a simple circuit which controlls a relay with both LDR and PIR technology. you can supply 12v AC by connecting a 12v transformer to the 2 pinned SCREW header.If you dont have a transformer, you can directly connect a 6v battery to power this through the '+DC6V' header.

The LDR mode turns ON the relay when it's dark while the PIR mode turns ON the relay when theres a motion within it's range.There are two switches that controll the LDR and PIR sensors seperately. you can eneble both at the same time or seperately according to your desire.

The 3 pin SCREW header is the the part which carries the load in the relay. Connect the COM and NO pins to any kind of circuit as a switch according to your relay's capacity and your good to go!

(If your not sure about how relays work, I suggest you to watch a video or check it out in the internet before doing this project)

hope you like this project B)

if you have any questions, s=ask in the comment sectionand ill reply ASAPB)





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 5v relay K1 RELAY-SL-SRD 1
2 100uF C1 CAP-D6.3XH5.5 1
3 output V1 HDR1X2 1
4 LM7805 smd U4 TO-261-4 1
5 PIR H1 HDR-TH_3P-P2.54-V 1
6 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-3P P1 WJ2EDGVC-5.08-3P 1
7 1206 1% 1K ohm R2 1206 1
8 AC12V I2 2P-5.08 1
9 220K 5%(0603) R4 R0603 1
10 220Ω 3216 R5,R7,R1 1206 3216 RESISTOR SMD 3
11 PIR DIP2 VDG/S-01L 1
12 mannual ON DIP1 VDG/S-01L 1
13 LDR DIP3 VDG/S-01L 1
14 2N2222 smd T1,T2 WSOT-23 2
15 SMD-DIODE-SCHOTTKY-30V-0.5A(SOD-323) D1,D8,D5,D6,D7 SEEED-SOD-323 5
16 LDR R3 LDR_TH 1
17 220uF C2 C_ELEC_8X10 1
18 LED 0805 LED3,LED2,LED1 CHIP-LED0805 3


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