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LORA data Collection Terminal

8 months ago  

License: Public Domain

Status: Complete

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Note there is a semi-completed Manual for the design attached which explains the circuit (its a zipped PDF)

This is an update to my original 2015 design, based on a new customer who wanted a 868Mhz LORA compatible system. The changes are:

  1. Uses 2 x AA batteries and boost converter. Power off consumption about 70uA and typical battery life of two weeks
  2. Replaced CPU with the lower cost PIC16F18857 (56KB Flash / 4KB RAM) and internal clock
  3. Moved back to 125Khz RFID (EM4100) but this time used a new module which retails for US$2.20 (MOQ=50) with 61x35mm coil antenna which fits in the space under the keyboard and on top of the battery compartment
  4. The RFM95W 868/915Mhz LORA Module is used with a spiral antenna, range is 300M+ in factory environment. Note that the RFM69 module is pin compatible and can be used in place of the LORA module if required.

The BOM Cost still well under US$100 including:

a) The membrane keyboard ($7ea zipped PDF overlay engineering drawings attached)
b) The MT700PA 3.3V 2D Barcode module ($30ea) and
C) The custom cut case. This is based on the 1357025mm szomk 2xAA battery holder plastic handheld enclosure with transparent front. if you order a MOQ of 50 you can specify the cutouts for the LCD and keyboard cable

The test firmware is also attached (As a Microchip MPLAB-X Project). This is work in progress as the client is doing most of the software design but does cover power management, keyboard, LCD, barcode, RFID reading and sending out a test message. There are plenty of public domain libraries for using the RFM95/RFM69 modules.

Handheld Terminal Schematic

Handheld Terminal Schematic

Handheld Terminal PCB

Handheld Terminal PCB


4x4 Keyboard Overlay Engineering.zipDownload
Lora Terminal.jpgDownload
Manual V2.zipDownload


IDValueQty.PackageComponentsSupplierManufacturerManufacturer PartLCSCMolexMountedEast RisingMicrochip DirectEasyEDA
1100n40805C3,C1,C15,C2LCSCFH0805F476M100NT C108658
2Connector for MT700PA1FH12-12S-0.5SHBARCODELCSC C2153154548-1271 (or equiv)
31u61206C19,C20,C21,C22,C6,C7LCSCFH1206F105M500NT C1926
410u51206C18,C29,C4,C5,C8LCSCFH1206B106K160NT C39127
5Backlight Connector1HDR1X2 2mmBLLCSCPH-2AWYes
610020805R5,R10LCSCUniOhm0805W8J0101T5E C25277
7Connector for ERC128128-31FPC-31-0.5mm (Reversed - Check b4 use)LCDEast RisingER-CON31HT-1 (or equiv)
9100K20805R15,R2LCSCUniOhm0805W8J0104T5E C25611
12560K10805R6LCSCUniOhm0805W8J0564T5E C25637
13330K10805R8LCSCUniOhm0805W8J0334T5E C25629
144.7uH1TDK CLF6045NI-DH1LCSCTDKSLF6045T-4R7N2R4-3PF C93218
151N4148WS1SOD323FD2LCSCSEMTECH1N4148WS C57759
16PIC16F188571SOIC-28U2Microchip DirectPIC16F18857-I/SOPIC16F18857-I/SO
17SP6201EM5-3-0-TR1SOT-23-5U1EasyEDASIPEXSP6201EM5-3-0-TR E6856


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