Lora Mobile (ATMega4809)

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Mobile data terminal that runs off 2xAA batteries with 128x128 GLCD, 125Khz EM4100 RFID, BarcodeReader and Lora communications. Based on the new ATMega 4809

Note, this is based on my original PIC16F18857 design which has been working quite well, the only thing that has changed is to replace the microcontroller with the new ATMega4809. The total BOM cost for this board is well under $99 even paying for single qys so it should make a nice data collection platform for fans of the AVR eco system.

Note the PIC version ran quite happily for several weeks of normal use on rechargable AA batteries, I expect the new ATMega should achieve similar sleep current.

The UPDI interface is non-standard and connected to the Atmel ICE programmer using flying leads or a custom cable. I am working on transfering my PIC code from MPLAB to Atmel Studio this should take a few weeks once I have the board back from the fab. I have attached a picture of the insides of my PIC version so you can see how it all fits together, I will update this picture with the actual unit once its done.

really looking forward to working with this new chip.


Handheld Terminal Schematic copy

Handheld Terminal PCB copy


ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 100n C3,C1,C15,C2,C9,C10 0805 6
2 Connector for MT700PA BARCODE FH12-12S-0.5SH 1
3 1u C19,C20,C21,C22,C6,C7 1206 6
4 10u C18,C29,C4,C5,C8 1206 5
5 Backlight Connector BL HDR1X2 2MM 1
6 100 R5,R10 0805 2
7 Connector for ERC128128-3 LCD FPC-31-0.5MM (REVERSED - CHECK B4 USE) 1
8 SI2301DS M2,M3 WSOT-23 2
9 100K R15,R2 0805 2
10 Battery 2XHIMH-AA-BAT HDR1X2 2MM 1
11 MCP16251 U3 SOT-23-6L 1
12 560K R6 0805 1
13 330K R8 0805 1
14 4.7uH H1 TDK CLF6045NI-D 1
15 1N4148WS D2 SOD323F 1
16 SP6201EM5-3-0-TR U1 SOT-23-5 1
17 4809 ATMEGA4809 TQFP-48_7X7X05P 1
18 PGM PGM M1X4 1


Filename Download
Terminal Insides.jpg


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