A47 Headphone Amplifier

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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Manufacturer Part Mounted
1 100k R1,R6 RESISTOR SMALL 2 ? Yes
2 4.7k R2,R7,R11,R12 RESISTOR SMALL 4 ? Yes
3 10k R3,R8,R13 RESISTOR SMALL 3 ? Yes
4 47 R4,R5,R9,R10 RESISTOR SMALL 4 ? Yes
5 0.47u C1,C2 MUSE ES 2 ? Yes
6 3.5mm_audio jack INPUT,OUTPUT MJ‑352W‑0 2 3.5mm audio jack Yes
7 1000u C5,C6 1AUTWE102M0 2 ? Yes
8 LED-3MM LED LED-3MM/2.54 1 204-10UYC/S530-A3 Yes
9 006P_9V 9V 9V BATTERY 1 006P 9V Yes
10 0.1u C3,C4,C7,C8 MMT50V0.1UF 4 ? Yes
11 33k R14,R15 RESISTOR SMALL 2 ? Yes
12 2-circuit opamp U1,U2 DIP8 SOCKET 2 2 circuit op amp Yes
13 2-unit volume VOLUME RD925S-QA1-A103 1 ? Yes




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Comments (4)

Daffa Arham Reply

what opamp should i use for this pcb ??? reply please

sugach2 Reply

@farijaze69 I think that Opeamp with FET input such as OPA 2134, OPA 2604 is good.

imasok1 Reply

Hi sugach2,
I just wanted to say "Thank You" for your project.....imasok1.

tung pham Reply

THank you very much, can i ask is both side GND necessery ? or i can use only 1 side for gnd

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