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So far I have not found an ESP development module which can be inserted to a socket sideways e.g. to save PCB footprint (for use in smaller enclosures) and to increase module density (e.g. in a HPC application / ESP cluster / multi-ESP configurations). Here is one design I created (feel free to use/modify/improve/etc). I wish that some day a manufacturer realizes its potential and creates a product which we can buy.





ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 b5953d65a4054165b11dfc39ebcbd953 U1 ESP-12F(ESP8266MOD) 1 Yes
2 1965db39b20440de994d9425e7703824 R2,R3,R1,R6 0603 4 Yes
3 76d1280f2be942b4a7894b917959b68f USB2TTL HDR-5X1/2.54 1 Yes
4 1965db39b20440de994d9425e7703824 R4 0603 1 Yes
5 a9dd85c15b009b5d3663fe3737e11633 HDR HDR-7X2/2.54 1 Yes
6 e900809069a8494daafb3dabb2af7260 IO5,IO4,IO0,IO2,GND,A0,IO16,IO3,IO1,5V HDR1X1 10 Yes
7 1b174005a32f4683bc6fb220cc2cc634 U2 SOT-89(SOT-89-3) 1 Yes
8 1965db39b20440de994d9425e7703824 R5 0603 1 Yes
9 9db7662cd67945b1925acb181b822f87 SDIO DIP-1X7P-2.54MM 1 Yes
10 441d52b82ec943fe96ee9d001e2ae477 RESET,FLASH SMD-6X3.6 2 Yes
11 70e4196f30b9117586539a570a864f8c C3 0603 1 Yes
12 736d336546772c5794576cbf42cabb8b C1 0805 1 Yes
13 21f8f80a3f7c3c2b00b33f71a31ff6ef OW,POT HDR-3X1/2.54 2 Yes
14 364d2f5397414c68bbc07a35c0f95d68 I2C HDR-4X1/2.54 1 Yes
15 c996990367134df4854174670f257897 OPEN2 HDR-2X1/2.54 1 Yes




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