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CN3058 LiFePO4 Power Board LS 3V3

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Single cell LiFePO4 charging (CN3058E) and protection (HY2112) board with load sharing power path management, 3.3V output und an additional switchable output.

The board was developed for 3.3V projects that are operated both by battery and external power. The load sharing system interrupts the connection between the battery and the load when an external power supply is connected. In this case, the project is powered by the external power supply and the 3.3V voltage regulator while the battery is being charged. This protects the battery and increases its lifespan. Without an external power supply, the project is powered directly by the battery, which means that the output voltage depends on the battery charge level (about 2.7 - 3.5V). Furthermore the board is equipped with an additional output port (SL) that can be switched via the built-in MOSFET. If the EN pin is pulled to ground, for example via a GPIO pin of a microcontroller, then the SL output is activated. The maximum output current is 1A.



LiFePO4 PowerBoard LS 3V3



ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity
1 Connector SL_EN,SLOUT,VIN,VOUT,BAT HDR-1X2/2.54 5
2 HY2112 U2 SOT-23-6 1
3 FULL LED2 LED0603 1
4 DMP1045U-7 Q3,Q2 SOT-23-3_L2.9-W1.3-P1.90-LS2.4-BR 2
5 1k R1 0603 1
6 100R R3 0603 1
7 2k R4 0603 1
8 1k2 R2 0603 1
9 CN3058E U1 SOP-8_EP_150MIL 1
10 AMS1117-3.3 U3 SOT-223 1
12 10k R5,R6 0603 2
13 1u C5,C4,C1 0603 3
14 4u7 C6,C7 0603 2
15 10u C2 0603 1
16 100n C3 0603 1
17 CHARGE LED1 LED0603 1
18 FS8205 Q1 SOT-23-6 1
19 SS34 D1 DIODE-SMA(DO-214AC) 1


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Comments (8)

Stefan Wagner Reply

Hi, I have not yet operated this board with a solar cell, but in principle it should work if the voltage of the cell is not greater than 6V and R2 is chosen so that the maximum charging current is not higher than the current of the solar cell minus the current that the ESP consumes. Undervoltage protection, like other protective functions, is already integrated in the board. A switching charge controller like the TP5000 is of course more efficient and can deliver higher charging currents, but only really makes sense if your solar cell can deliver correspondingly high currents or has a voltage above 6V (max 10V).

Stefan Wagner Reply

By the way, there are special charging IC for solar operation with MPTT (see:

EDsteve Reply

Thanks for your answer. So if i understand you correctly:
For 1W or 2W 6V solar cells. Your design would be the way to go and efficiency wise it would be almost the same compare to the TP5000.

Is that just me or can nobody see the comments? It only shows how many comments. But can't see or expand the comments:

Stefan Wagner Reply

A linear charge controller is completely sufficient for this.

I also only see the last comment ;-(

EDsteve Reply

@Stefan Wagner  Okay. Thanks.
One thing i want to point out for everybody who want to use it with a solar cell. The power path works perfectly for USB charging. But for solar cells with variable voltages it can be improved with these modifications you can find here:

The DMP1045U already has the "added Diode" in parallel so only the OpAmp modification would improve the design if i understand it correctly.

Seems the comments work again.:)

Stefan Wagner Reply

Thank you for the link to this great article!

The DMP has only a "normal" body diode, not a schottky. The additional diodes in the schematic of the DMP are just for the ESD protection of gate.

Yeah, but the old comments are still gone ...

EDsteve Reply

Yeahaa. All comments are back and now i also see the comment to your MPTT charger.
So instead of modifying this CN3058 LiFePO4 Power Board with an additional diode it would be much more efficient to use your MPTT design for solar.
And i almost sent the modified version with the CN3058 to production :D

Thanks for your contribution btw. Is there a way to buy you a coffee or anything like that?

Stefan Wagner Reply

@EDsteve No, I don't have any support options, but thank you very much for the offer!

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