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The device is assembled on common microcircuits MRF49XA from Microchip. Consists of a remote control and receivers. It is intended for ignition of pyrotechnic charges at carrying out of shows and holidays. Confident range of about 200 m in urban conditions (in the open field at times more). The operating frequency is 439 MHz, the power is about 50 mW. The console controls receivers, each of which is a single-command intercom module. Any receiver can be "sewn" to any button of the transmitter. The number of receiving modules can be much larger than 31. The peculiarity is that the receiving module can be "sewed" not only to a certain button of the console, but also to a combination of pressed buttons. Upon receipt of "its" code, the receiver for 1 second includes an executive power transistor key and thus sets a pyrotechnic match. The procedure of "registering" the receiving part with a specific button (or combination of buttons) of the transmitter is very simple. Note that the receiver will "prescribe" to itself in memory the code to which it will respond. Upon the supply of power, both to the receiver and to the remote, the devices enter the "test" mode for 3 seconds, then they are ready for operation. The test mode is necessary for a quick check of the operability of devices (using a scanner or, at a minimum, a simple wave meter). Both the receiver and the console are switched on for transmission 2 times for 1 second with a second pause. No code is transmitted, only the carrier frequency is generated. After that, they enter the operating mode and are ready for use. Programming Controllers ... Actually the Tx.HEX file is written using the program in the transmitter. The Rx.HEX file is written to the receiver. The receiver is thus "clean" and must be "sewed" to a certain transmitter bank (the procedure is described above). The transmitter has an individual number that can be changed from 00 to FF. Change the individual number manually via the programmer. The individual number of the remote control is located in the EEPROM at address 00. It can be left untouched while programming the controller, then it defaults to FF.




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ID Name Designator Footprint Quantity Mounted
1 PIC16F676-I/SL U1 SOIC-14_150MIL 1 Yes
2 TIP121 Q1 TO-220 1 Yes
3 BFQ67 Q2 SOT23-3 1 Yes
4 33nH L1 0805 1 Yes
5 33p C1,C3,C4 0805 3 Yes
6 100u C2 CASE-B_3528 1 Yes
7 10MHZ X1 OSC-49S-1 1 Yes
9 ANT P2 HDR-1X1/2.54 1 Yes
10 330 R1,R2,R3,R5 0805 4 Yes
11 2.54-1*2PFemale P1,P3 HDR-1X2/2.54 2 Yes
12 3.3k R4,R6 0805 2 Yes
13 4.7p C5,C6,C7,C9,C10 0805 5 Yes
14 1n C8 0805 1 Yes
15 47nH L2,L3,L4 0805 3 Yes
16 100n C11,C12 0805 2 Yes
17 LED-Yellow(0603) LED1 LED-0603 1 Yes
18 LED-Red(0603) LED2 LED-0603 1 Yes
19 MRF49XA U2 TSSOP-16 1 Yes


Filename Download
MRF49XA Pyrotechnic


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