You can help drive us to design an awesome tool for everyone. There are lots of little things that you can do.

Translate EasyEDA into your language

Would you like to have EasyEDA in your language? Translate language .

Create Schematic Symbol or PCB Footprint libs.

All EasyEDA Schematic Symbol and PCB Footprint libs are public, so after you have created and saved a new symbol or footprint, others will be able to find your part and you will be credited as a contributor.

Make your projects public.

Did you create a really cool project with EasyEDA? Show it off and be super helpful to other EasyEDA users, you just need to set your projects to public, so others can explore your circuits.

Feature requests and bug reports.

We would like you to submit your ideas for improvements at Feature Requests and any problems you find at Bug Reports. We will read every topic and try to give a response ASAP.

Spread the word about EasyEDA.

Don't be afraid to share with your friends and colleagues via:

The more people who use and contribute to EasyEDA, the better it will become. We will list some of our top contributors in our Thank You List!

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