Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use EasyEDA in my company?

You are free to use EasyEDA for individuals, business and education.

I don't like others seeing my design. How can I stop that happening?

Set your project as Private. For extra security you can even save your work locally.

What happens if EasyEDA service is offline for some reason?

EasyEDA can be run as an offline application.

Is EasyEDA safe?

There are no absolutely secure things in the world but even if you have the misfortune - as happened to one of our team - of losing one laptop and having two hard drives break,
EasyEDA will try to protect your designs in following ways:

  1. We utilize SSL throughout the entire domain Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology encrypts all data transferred between your computer and our servers. Your data is for your eyes only.
  2. You can save your files locally.
  3. Multiple copies of every file are saved in your local database.
  4. EasyEDA servers backup your designs frequently.

What if EasyEDA cannot become self sustaining and has to close down?

We promise to do our best to ensure that neither of these things will happen; we have spent so much of our time to get to this point. We promise that if we cannot make enough money out of EasyEDA to keep it alive or to fund further development, we will not simply abandon our baby or our community but we will consider donating the code to the Open Source Community to let them build on our efforts. There are no companies who can stay forever, so if a time comes when we have to close down, we will follow the steps below:

  1. Give our users six months warning prior to closure;
  2. Ensure all our users can backup their designs;
  3. Ensure that user's designs can be exported to some other EDA tools, such as Kicad, Altium Designer and others.
  4. Package our codes, so that users can install an EasyEDA in their own OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). Users can then build their own cloud EDA.
  5. Upload our codes to and make them open source.

So, nothing will be lost and our users can continue to enjoy an awesome web based EDA tool that lets them stay in charge of their designs: anywhere, anytime and on any OS.

FAQ of EasyEDA Editor

Please spend a few minutes reading this FAQ, it will save you lots of time getting started with EasyEDA.

如果需要转移工程请在个人中心 - 工程 - 工程高级设置 - 下载工程,下载后在 打开保存即可。
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