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redjack 2 weeks ago
Hello everyone, Since 1th July as you may already know, EU has applied new VAT rules which affect to importations from china. I wanted to know how it affected to you as a hobbyst, because I don't have any VAT registration and I don't know how to clear customs myself or anything like that. I've read that if you don't clear your own customs,the carrier will apply a fixed fee aproximately of 20e + the VAT of the order, which I don't mind to pay, but that fixed fee is too much honestly... Does anyone had any experience with it? I'm holding some LCSC purchases because all of this, I don't mind to pay the VAT, but if every package that arrives at my house cost already 20e fixed fee, it would destroy the purpose of buying at good prices from china... I've always chosen air registered mail which is the slowest, but always arrived in two weeks aprox to europe.
Jaga 1 week ago
I just received a $5 parcel and paid $3 fee. Live in Poland. Not much sense. :(
redjack 6 days ago
@alexeyjaga Which shipping did you choose? I just see they removed  the classic cheaper Royal Mail International one and now there is no "cheaper" option. I'm kinda in the fence right now, I've sent a few emails to them and they respond they are working on it but still not solved. I hope they manage their own VAT so we can make orders without paying pricy fees, in my case, not lcsc but another store, I had to pay $20 for each package, not worth it that way...
Jaga 6 days ago
Actually I was referring to another service where I was ordering goods, but I received my last LCSC order couple of months before without any issues, and it will be not the case anymore. I also hope they will be able to manage these new VAT regulations (which is ridiculous).
Jaga 6 days ago
BTW, looks like LCSC has prepared for shipping to Europe, I can see VAT included in the price. Not sure about the UK though.
redjack 3 days ago
I don't see anything special yet, only the shipping methods have changed a little, now there's not registered mail, and there is a Royal Mail that I didn't see before. There's no indication of VAT application in the checkout process, and the price seems to be the same as the non EU VAT zones. I don't mind to pay VAT and some fees, but I don't want 20 euro surprises everytime I receive a package...
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