AO3400A with STM32
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TronicBrain 2 weeks ago
Hello every one. This is my first post here. I'm making board design with stm32F103 and I have  AO3400A for about 50mA load I'm not sure if the 3.3V from the digital output will be enough to saturate this AO3400A In case yes, how many Ohms do you suggest to put between the output pin and the gate better than connecting it directly? Thank you in advance
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
Please make your project public and post the link to it here so that people can see it to understand what you are asking about.
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
Please study the datasheet for the AO3400A. []( Given that you have not provided any information about you application such as drain voltage, type of load, switching times,  the mosfet configuration and the way you are connecting the processor output to the mosfet the following comments are highly suppositional. For a common source configuration, a 3.3V gate drive should be more than enough for a 50mA load. A 33R resistor in series with the gate should also prevent any issues with ringing inbthe gate drive circuit.
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
For future reference, please read: [](
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