API: How to update a progress bar?
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andreasbernhofer 5 months ago
Hi, how do I update the value of a progress bar? ``` js // Test #1 x = $.messager.progress({ title: "Processing", value: 5, text: "{value}%", interval: 0, closable: true }); x.progressbar(); x.progressbar('setValue',50); // Test #2 x = $.messager.progress({ title: "Processing", value: 5, text: "{value}%", interval: 0, closable: true }); x.progressbar({value: 50}); ``` Both kind of work but mess with the layout... ![2020-11-15 10_21_02-Window.png](//image.easyeda.com/pullimage/DG8c3ABggB7bTump4gDsaOh7YRpdJ1JAWNFFMdsR.png)
eric 3 months ago
The key point is how to find the progressbar component. ``` //The dialog component var dialog = $.messager.progress({ title: "Processing", value: 5, text: "{value}%", interval: 0, closable: true }); //The progressbar component in the dialog var bar = $.messager.progress('bar', dialog); //There are 2 ways to update the progress value //1. Use setValue bar.progressbar('setValue', 25); //2. Or use stepToValue bar.progressbar('stepToValue', 75); ```
andreasbernhofer 3 months ago
@eric perfect thx!
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