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Add/Delete corners in tracks
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andyfierman 10 years ago
**Feature Request** Add/Delete corners in tracks. When a track is selected, the track highlights and green corner markers appear. These green corner markers can be moved and the track stretches to keep them joined. However: i) Sometimes corners are added to tracks by mistake leading to jagged corners. There does not seem to be a way to select and delete individual green corner markers. It appears the only options are to leave the track alone, move the markers so that they are on top of each other or delete the whole track and redraw it. ii) Sometimes it is useful to be able to add corners to allow a track to be 'bent' round a moved or new component. There does not seem to be a way to select and add individual green corner markers into a track. It appears the only option are to leave the track alone or delete it and draw it again.
dillon 10 years ago
Double click the track will add a corner, we will remove the corner auto. Try it. :)
andyfierman 10 years ago
I have just tried this. We're sort of half way there. I can add corners by (i) Double clicking on a track; (ii) Move the end of a track which leaves the end point in place but adds new points to create a 90degree corner. (iii) I can remove a corner by moving a section of track if and only if the handle for that corner is *almost exactly* in a straight line between two other corners. If the line is not at an exact 0degrees, 45 degrees or 90 degrees angle then it can be very hard to move the middle handle so that it is in close enough to the straight line between the outer two. If the centre is not close enough to the straight line when the track is moved then the result can be that one end of the track being moved leaves the end point in place, creates new corners and the moved track rocketing off because an acute angle has been created. This is very hard to explain but easy to demonstrate in: `` I think: (i) is very good. (ii) I am not sure about this because it adds 90degree corners even when the user has selected 45degree corners. (iii) this makes it hard and confusing to remove corners. If this can be done even if the middle corner is a long way off being in a straight line then maybe that would be OK. It would be much better if the green corner handle could just be selected and simply deleted. Maybe that is not possible yet ... :)
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