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COP26 YourChoiceMineToo
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WhatIf 2 years ago
As a protest by an individual, I will not use this site as a design tool. This Company comes is from a country that in its decision to not send its leader has spit in the faces of everyone who both cares and fears the results of climate change. #YourChoiceMineToo Slán Leat.
deskpro256 2 years ago
Cool. Don't forget to throw out the device you typed this on, too. It was also, most likely, made in China. The chips and other components inside it, also, most likely, made in China. Your clothes and shoes, you guessed it. China. Walk naked, live in a hole, don't use anything, because the BIG CHINA is coming to get you. And who made China be this satanic awful destroyer of climate? Your country, my country, USA, Germany, You, me and anyone else who wants cheap shit manufactured. If you look at emission graphs you can see that as many countries "emit less"(due to moving their manufacturing out of their state to China) you can see that suddenly China is doing the big bad and starting to kill the planet! Blame China. They bad, we good. As the European Union grew, many factories were destroyed and many people lost jobs just to get centralized manufacturing of sugar and other stuff. So now instead of having locally grown crops and manufactured sugar, you grow the crops in a lot of places, then get it in a truck, drive to some country (polluting on the way) get the sugar made, then again, getting the sugar moved back to all the other countries. So double the pollution, right. There are many factors to these things, it's not that easy. Don't forget that companies in USA have made efforts to destroy the climate for their own monetary gain. During the 60's there were scientists who knew that the climate change exists and there should be less polluting going on, but all the efforts to have it done were broken, when the presidents needed to act. Reagan didn't give a shit, so they pulled it, so they keep fucking the planet. Have fun. Also, drive big car everywhere, fun fun fun. Want to walk? Either die if you want to get to a store or starve. You can surely protest this company and their tool, but this tool is just software and Chinas leader won't do anything if they now write an email, saying that this one dude is protesting our design tool, pls stop climate change. More likely, they will get screwed because of the horrible Chinas communist ways. Also India and other developing countries will be polluting a lot, too, but that's due to the social and economical development of the country. Are we not going to allow their countries to prosper just because? The biggest polluters(USA, EU, China) are who they are and will continue to do so until someone makes them stop. You can do your own duty and pollute as least as possible, but remember, that your impact is minor. It's the manufacturing of all the crap we don't need, that is the problem. And later it ending up as trash and getting sent to poor African countries and other places where we just dump shit just to get it out of our eyes. No trash near me, so we good, Africa bad. This is a major problem which is not an easy problem to solve quickly and even in the long run.
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