Calculating shipping costs for combined PCB + Parts orders
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ntldr 11 months ago
Hi, is there any way to calculate the combined shipping cost of a LCSC order with a JLCPCB order before actually initiating the JLCPCB order? The background for this issue is that as a private customer I can import things from China with no tax or fee up to 26€. Once I go above that it'll cost me 20% tax plus about 8€ in gas for going to the nearest customs office as well as an hour of my time. As the 26€ limit includes shipping costs, it would be preferable for me to know the exact shipping costs before placing the order (as splitting it into two orders would be cheaper in total for me if I reach that limit). Thanks ntldr
wuqimei 11 months ago
Hi there, There is a way to know the estimated shipping fee when you placed PCB order. Please see below screenshot : ![1.png](// As for the LCSC estimated shipping fee, please check FAQ here: [,](,) or you can see the final shipping price when you are at LCSC checkout page.
ntldr 11 months ago
Hi, thanks for the response. My issue is when I combine PCB + LCSC orders, I don't pay full shipping twice. For example if I order 5 PCBs (2$, 5.99$ shipping) and then want to order 100 smd resistors from LCSC ($0.04, $4.98 shipping showed, 3$ handling fee), I can combine PCB + parts order. In that case I would pay $5.04 for goods and some unknown value in shipping, which is somewhere between $5.99 and $11. But how I can I find the shipping costs before ordering on a combined parts + pcb order?
MikeDB 11 months ago
Unfortunately you can't see in advance, but I think you can see the total cost before committing to the LSCS part of the order and usually it ends up over the UK limit of £15.  I've given up and just buy parts on AliExpress nowadays.
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