Can you figure out how this directional switch works?
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Kimmo Lehto 10 months ago
LCSC link: [https://lcsc\.com/product\-detail/Multi\-Directional\-Switches\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K1\-1511SA\-02\_C145906\.html]( Datasheet: [https://datasheet\.lcsc\.com/szlcsc/1809211435\_Korean\-Hroparts\-Elec\-K1\-1511SA\-02\_C145906\.pdf]( Symbol: ![image.png](// Footprint: ![image.png](// Relevant part of the datasheet: ![image.png](// My interpretation is that this thing has five directions: Center push, Left, Far left, Right, Far right. My guess how it would look in a schematic: ![image.png](// I don't understand the "CODE TABLE", what is (3), does "NO" mean "no" or "normally open"?
Markus_ee 3 weeks ago
Hei! Kantsis laittaa LEDien eteen virranrajoitusvastukset. Onpa monimutkainen kytkin. Ja datalehti ei kerro kyllä ainakaan ihan suoraan mitä tässä oikein haetaan takaa. Pitäis varmaan tilata toi kytkin ja käydä yleismittarilla läpi kaikki kytkimen asennot. T: Markus Virtanen HW / Electronics Designer
andyfierman 3 weeks ago
Ellei LEDeillä ole erilaista eteenpäin suuntautuvaa jännitehäviötä tai kirkkautta, tarvitset vain yhden vastuksen sarjaan yhteisen liittimen kanssa. Unless the LEDs have a different forward voltage drop or brightness, you only need one resistor in series with a common connector.
mrtom528 3 weeks ago
Comparing it to a similar one I have here the operation is as follows: Switch (push) connects 'C' with 'T'. CCW connects 'C' with 1 CW connects 'C' with 2 If you look at the underside  image on LCSC you can see that pads 5,6,7 & 8, (in the footprint), don't actually exist, (on the component), so cannot be electrically connected. Maybe they were mistaken as pads used as mounting points? Who knows? I'd just ignore those pads, (designate as 'unconnected' in the schematic with no-connect flags), and just use pads 2,T,C & 1. You could of course create your own symbol and footprint if these don't fit your criteria, the dimensions in the datasheet appear to be roughly correct. Regards.
mrtom528 3 weeks ago
Sorry, that should read: Switch (push) connects 'C' with 'T'. CCW connects 'C' with 2 CW connects 'C' with 1 Regards.
Kimmo 5 days ago
@markus_jidoka Juu oli vain havainnollistamiseksi tuo skema :D @mrtom528 Thanks for the answer, it's been a long time, I ended up ordering a similar switch which had a more comprehensible datasheet :)
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