Confirming that slots will be cut in my PCB
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Digital_Larry 8 months ago
I have a Gerber package created in Diptrace. There are 9 oval slots in this board. In the drill file, I have located 9 lines which I am pretty sure correspond to these slots (all other lines removed): M48 INCH T06C0.0394 T09C0.0512 % T 06 X+038930Y+007482G85X+038930Y+006498 X+040367Y+005809G85X+041351Y+005809 X+040269Y+008171G85X+041450Y+008171 T09 X+035985Y+016090G85X+036615Y+016090 X+039765Y+016090G85X+040395Y+016090 X+026765Y+016090G85X+027395Y+016090 X+022985Y+016090G85X+023615Y+016090 X+013765Y+016090G85X+014395Y+016090 X+009985Y+016090G85X+010615Y+016090 T00 M30 However when I use the viewer tool, I don't see the slots, only the ovals representing the pads. ![board section showing 5 slots][1] [1]: /editor/20170909/59b2f14626e29.png I sent my Gerbers to a friend who is a professional layout guy and he said that on his workstation, it looks like there are slots. I just want to confirm that my board really will have slots even though they are not rendered in the Gerber viewer. Thanks! DL
Tutorials 2017-09-09 09:24:58
Hi, Very Sorry about that, our gerber-viewer has some bugs, will fix that soon. If your gerber is looking good by other viewers so please order it, if your order have any problem we will tell you via email. About the gerber-viewer,You can use:
Digital_Larry 2017-09-09 09:29:25
thanks, I will look at some of these others
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