Connections between components are not made when converting to PCB
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etimmon2 2 years ago
I just finished putting together the schematic for a 2N3055 and LM317 based power supply, and though all connections are made in the schematic (as far as I can tell), when the schematic is converted to a PCB, the blue lines indicating connections between components only connect to one pin out of two of several components. This leads to there being a free floating lead, even though it should be connected to other components. Auto-routing does not make the connections. This very well may be user error, but I don't know why the connections aren't in the PCB, but are in the schematic. [The Project]( Note; Please take a look at the schematic, then go to the **PSU1 **pcb layout. You should notice that several components, (D1, D5, D7, D8, D9, D10, C18) have a leg that is not connected to anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
andyfierman 2 years ago
Two problems. The link to your Project does not work. I assume you meant to point to: []( I don't know where you got the 1N4007 schematic symbols from or of you have edited the pin mapping but they are wrong. This is how the pins are mapped (select symbol then press ` I` to view): ![image.png](// This is how they should be mapped: ![image.png](// The simple solution is to replace all your diodes with ones from the EELib tab. The more complicated solution is to use the `I` shortcut key to edit the pin mappings so that they match the pin names of the PCB footprints that you have used. * Please check the Design tab in the lefthand panel in both the schematic and PCB to open and view the Design Manager. * This will show you the errors that you have. * Also, please read: [https://easyeda\.com/andyfierman/Welcome\_to\_EasyEDA\-31e1288f882e49e582699b8eb7fe9b1f](
etimmon2 2 years ago
Thank you for the quick reply.
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