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Conversion from pixels to millimeters.
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hawr 1 year ago
Conversion from pixels to millimeters. How to make a grid in millimeters? Thank's
hawr 1 year ago
@andreasbernhofer thank's!!!!
andreasbernhofer 1 year ago
If you're talking abou canvas (SVG) units: You can use the API to convert canvas pixel units to real units: `api('valConvert', {type:'real2canvas',val:'20mil'})` `api('valConvert', {type:'canvas2real',val:'5mm'})` 1 pixel is 10mil or 0.254mm 1mm is 3.937px (1/0.254px)
andyfierman 1 year ago
Why do you need to convert pixels to mm? Physical dimensions are meaningless in schematics and you can set the grid on the PCB and Footprint Editors to mm in the right hand Canvas settings panel.
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