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Create PCB with option to use THT or SMT for resistors, diodes and small capacitors?
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Matt Elias 2 weeks ago
What's the recommended way to create a schematic and pcb with the option to use through hole components or order assembled SMT components through JLCPCB for resistors, diodes & capacitors? If I start with THT, then there's room to place a SMT diode or resistor in between the THT pins but does that cause a headache later when ordering assembly of SMT through JLCPCB? Should I include all the duplicate components on the schematic or just add the duplicate footprint to the PCB only, in this case which footprint (THT or SMT) should I put on the schematic?
andyfierman 2 weeks ago
The guiding principle here is: If it's on or forms an integral part of the PCB then it must be represented in the schematic. You can do what you want in two ways. 1. Create and save your own uniquely Named and clearly Described dual Footprints for each component and assign them to each symbol in the schematic as required. Although you can add extra Supplier and Manufacturer part and stock number attributes to each symbol it may be simpler and less error prone to regenerate the BOM at purchasing and assembly time if you only assign the part number of a THT or SMT component so when you want to swap technology you will have to edit the part numbers either in the schematic or directly in the BOM. Saving two **Versions** (not individual sheets) of the schematic one with each set of part numbers but generating the PCB from only one would be the safest way to do this. 2. Include symbols for both THT and SMT parts connected in parallel in the schematic and use the **Add into BOM** and **Convert to PCB** attributes for each symbol to list only the required technology parts in the BOM but to pull footprints for both into the PCB. The use of the **Add into BOM** and **Convert to PCB** attributes is explained in the Tutorial (1) and in detail in (2.2) and it's Appendix A in (2) in: [](
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