DRC = Design Rules Check

  andyfierman, 4 years ago


Because the initials DRC stand for Design Rules Check;

Super Menu > Miscellaneous > DRC check...

only needs to say:

Super Menu > Miscellaneous > DRC...


Super Menu > Miscellaneous > Design Rules Check...




Why is there no DRC for schematic editing?


Hi Brian,

What would you like to see in a Schematic DRC?


Although not the same as a DRC there is the Design Manager tab on the right hand panel:

enter image description here

Click on Design Manager....

enter image description here


All of the tools that I previously used to do schematic capture (Mentor Graphics, Orcad) followed by PCB layout require that you run DRC on the schematic prior to running packaging. DRC will indicate open nets and package errors which is especially valuable if you have a design that is hierarchical and spans many pages.

I put down a schematic and can see some of my components in Footprint Manager that do not have pad definition. I am stuck here because I need the package definition before I can do PCB layout. The components lacking package definition are simple 1206 capacitors.

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