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Diameter of the tool for machining square holes
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todoro 9 months ago
hello? I'm trying to make a 15x15mm square hole. What diameter does JLCPCB use when routing by CNC? I want to insert a dogbone or a T-bone because of the corner curvature. Please tell us the diameter of the tools used by JLCPCB.
andyfierman 9 months ago
If you do a Google web search with the following search terms: site: minimum corner radius and read through the top six or seven results, you will see that I have asked this question so many times and have not had a proper answer. :(
JLCPCBsupport 9 months ago
Hello torodo Thank you for contributing to the forum with this topic. To align your designs with JLCPCB's capabilities, I suggest referring to our JLCPCB capabilities page at: []( This will help you determine the feasible slots you can create. Regarding your design, please indicate whether the slots are plated or non-plated. Keep in mind that for plated slots, only oval or rounded shapes are supported. For non-plated slots, the routing tool should have a minimum radius of 0.5mm, and we recommend a rectangular size of at least 3x3mm. In your specific scenario, a 15x15mm slot can be produced if it's non-plated and adheres to the minimum radius requirement of 0.5mm for the routing tool. I hope this clarifies the requirements for you. Should you have any more detailed inquiries, feel free to contact us via email at []( We're here to assist you further.
todoro 9 months ago
@jlcpcbsupport yes. I need an unplated square hole. I saw that the hole size was more than 3x3mm in the document, but there was no mention of the exact tool size, so I asked a question. JLCPCB uses a 1mm diameter tool, so I found out that the radius is 0.5mm. So I'm trying to design dogbones and T-bones with a radius of 0.6mm which is larger than 0.5mm. I'm making this a little bigger for normal CNC work to allow for a bit of room. I would like to ask for a final quote to see if I understand much.
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