Do I need to order LCSC parts if I add SMD assembly to my JLCPCB PCB?
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wm8s 4 months ago
If I order a PCB from JLCPCB by submitting it directly from EasyEDA, and I add the SMD assembly service, do I also need to order the LCSC parts separately, or are they included in the price of the order? Thanks. ...R
wm8s 4 months ago
I should have posted my two questions together, because I have a question that involves them both. Assuming that the cost of the LCSC SMD parts that JLCPCB **will** be assembling is included in the PCB order, what about the LCSC parts that JLCPCB will **not** be assembling for me?  Do I need to order those separately, or will they be included in my PCB order and then just be shipped bagged up with my PCBs? Thanks again! ...R
JLCPCBsupport 4 months ago
@wm8s Hello ; thank your for writing to us here. About the topic of the PCBA, actually you don't need to order parts from external sources because you will buy the parts from JLCPCB Parts library that you can check through the following link : []( If you select PCB assembly service then you will get quoted for both PCB manufacturing and Parts. Please refer to JLCPCB Parts library when you check for parts availability because we handle our stocks and make updates there, the stocks displayed in EasyEDA library are also updated automatically from JLCPCB library :) In case a part is not available in our stock or the part is not supported for assembly then you need to order it separately and it is not possible to ship it combined with the assembled PCBs even if you get the part ordered from LCSC. Let us know if you need any further details.
wm8s 4 months ago
Thanks. The board is very small. It only has 8 0603 resistors, and there are only 3 distinct values. They all show "Basic" parts with a lot in stock. When I tried to check out, the line for the component cost was "-". Maybe I didn't get far enough in the process. I'll try again.
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