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Does JLCPCB support 0.4mm pitch TQFP ? What DRC design rules for EasyEDA ?
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TechnoGilles 1 week ago
Hi ! I am having a hard time finding if JLCPCB support TQFP 0.4mm pitch footprint for their PCB manufacturing capabilities. And if so, what DRC Design Rules (in mm) should I input in EasyEDA to allow that ? Because what I am finding right now is that the default DRC Design Rules do not permit that but after fighting for 1h with a JLCPCB support agent who first said they did not support 0.4mm pitch, he then said they did. I am so confused now !! Can someone shed some light on this ? Did you ever had a PCB manufactured with JLCPCB that had a TQFP 0.4mm pitch on it ? What DRC Design Rules did you use in EasyEDA to design for that package ? Thanks !!
andyfierman 1 week ago
You can work out if it is possible from the pad pitch, the pad width and the minimum track widths and clearances given in the JLCPCB Capabilities pages: [](<br> <br> If your sums show it is possible then you can set the EasyEDA Design Rules to suit.
cjohnson 1 week ago
Yes they do support it. We have a production product that we use JLCPCB to make the PCB's. The microcontroller is a LQFP-176 with 0.4mm pitch pins. ![image.png](//
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