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tiger54 6 months ago
Hi, In the last time, always more products have a chinese datasheet. Since I really can't undestand it, it would be nice if I can filter the products by it. For example, if I click on "find similar products", I get a list with similar products. To verify if it is similar, I need to check the datasheet. But it is impossible to check it for me if the datasheet is in Chinese. Probably the manufacturer doesn't have it in other languages, but it is hard to find a similar product in this way. It would be nice if I could filter it by datasheet language or at least a note, so I don't need to open each datasheet to see if there is a similar product to the one you don't have anymore. Yesterday, I opened a TI or ST datasheet with chinese text. Don't know if there is a possibility to choose which one I want (I was logged in).
andyfierman 6 months ago
Having datasheets for parts available in Chinese, English and - where possible - other languages would be a great help. Having a readable datasheet to quickly assess if a part is suitable for an original application or as an alternative is important for all our customers but is crucial for professional engineering. Suppliers such as Farnell/Element14/Newark, Digikey and Mouser are very good at this and can save a lot of time looking around many different manufacturer's sites for parts and datasheets.
wuqimei 5 months ago
@[tiger54](https://easyeda.com/tiger54) The Chinese datasheet is a historical problem. We've tried several ways in order to have all of the Chinese datasheet replaced by an English one. However none of them could solve the problem in a short time. But we are still working on it. If you have some particular parts which datasheet is in Chinese, please send to us. We would ask the manufacturer to check if they could provide an English version. By the way, if you don't mind, I would like to recommend the Google's Translate app to you. The real-time translation function by using the camera is very convenient and efficient. Maybe you can try it next time. :)
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