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Export 3D obj file has wrong scale
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Gauthier Östervall 2 months ago
Exporting my PCBA to obj 3D file shows up with the wrong scale, both in 3D CAD program and in Slicer. It is way too large (PCB thickness 10 mm instead of 1.6 mm). I don't see that this factor relates to imperial/metric conversion. Here is a demonstration of this problem: [](<br> <br> Can it be fixed?
UserSupport 2 months ago
EasyEDA exports the 3D model unit size in 0.01 inch. If your scene size is in mm, then scale the model by 0.254 times EasyEDA Pro support to export step file, you can migrate the Std project to Pro edition, or import the Std project file, and then binding 3D model at PCB 3D Model Manager, and then export the step file
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