Group tracks on silkscreen in footprint editor
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ilium007 7 months ago
I am trying for the first time to draw a footprint for an inductor. In the footprint editor tool there seems to be no way to group the tracks on the silkscreen so I can then center them on other objects. In the image below I want to center the yellow silkscreen over the pads in both X and Y directions. I can't find a way to do it without being able to group the objects. ![image.png](//
andyfierman 7 months ago
Something like this should do it. Set the origin to the centre of your pads then set the grid snap to half the width of your silkscreen outline. Then you can centre the outline in the X axis. Next, set the outline start Y parameter to half the height of your outline.
ilium007 7 months ago
I'll give it a go, thanks.
Guest 1 week ago
@andyfierman This works and thank you.
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